The Amazing Brian Bonar

Innovate, re-invent and focus. That is that motto that guides the life of the highly skilled, well-educated Brian Bonar. And Bonar has done just that. After attending James Watt Technical College from 1963 to 1969 to do his undergraduate work, he went on to Stafford University where he earned a Masters in Mechanical Engineering.

But for Brian Bonar that was just the beginning. He has gone on to play leadership roles in a number of major corporations while continuing to use his creativity and opportunities to build organizations and help many people to grow personally and professionally.

According to Dalrada and PR News Wire, Brian Bonar has a wide and varied skill set. Some of the skills which have made him in high demand in business include his ability to handle turn around management, his expertise in finance, sourcing, recruiting, and private equity, and his ability to create effective marketing strategy and process improvement.

Bonar is also known for his work in Mergers & Acquisitions and sales and his success working with start-ups, restructuring, and attracting venture capital. He is also outstanding when it comes to new business development, lead generation, and employee relations.

His experience working in business is very diverse. He worked with IBM as a procurement manager from April 1969 until March 1985 outsourcing mother boards for IBM pc’s. Bonar then took a position as Director of Engineering for QMS. From April 1985 until he left the company 4 years later, he managed their team of hardware and software development engineers. In June 1989 he left QMS to become Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Rastek Corporation. There he handled the company’s sales of printing technology worldwide.

Bonar’s next job was as sales manager for Adaptec where he helped to create and maintain working relationships with some of the best known major Korean and Japanese printer manufacturers. After 13 months, Bonar felt he needed a new challenge. He became founder and CEO of Bezier Systems and launched the first printer that was SCSI based.

In 1995 he was back working with Korean and Japanese printer manufacturers as sales and marketing vice president for itec imaging technologies. In 2008 he left itec to become president of Allegiant Professional Business Services. He held the position for 2 years.

Two other companies Bonar created and ran were AMS Outsourcing and Dalrada Financial Services. He held the companies for 6 and 16 years respectively. While retaining control of Dalrada, Bonar is also chairman and CEO of Trucept, a San Diego, CA based company which specializes in temporary staffing, insurance products and a host of other services.

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The New Frontier


QNet Looks To Help Others As Success Continues

The success of the direct selling company QNet has been fast and continued for a number of years since the multi level marketing business was founded in 1998 in Hong Kong. I have been aware of the success QNet has enjoyed, but have only recently been looking to conduct some research into how the company has been conducting business over the last few years.

QNet has spent a large amount of time and effort looking to assist those in need in parts of the world the company is actively working within, such as India and other areas of the Asian continent. Across India the need for clean and safe water has been a major source of concern for individuals and charitable groups from across the globe; QNet has looked to provide disaster relief kits for those who are affected by flooding and other problems across the country. I have been impressed by the approach QNet has taken to providing clean water to various groups across India, but in particular I have enjoyed reading about the programs QNet has implemented to provide clean drinking water for shcools in some of the poorest areas of India.

Part of the reason I have been looking into the products offered by QNet is the ideals the company seems to possess are similar to those I have looked to live and work by for myself. Luxury goods play a vital role in the business of QNet and the high quality testing put into place make this one of the most impressive business groups I have come across. Added to the high quality luxury goods is a commitment to living in peace with the environment, which the company has taken to include the use of vegetarian products to aid their commitment to the best possible quality products in the world.