New Age Mysticism Adds to the Popularity of the Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre is looking to continue its amazing growth in the 21st century after bringing the ancient writings originally found in Judaism to the attention of people from a wide range of belief systems. Kabbalah has always been hidden by teachers of Judaism who believed it too complex for the uneducated to explore; however, the growth of new age mysticism in the early 20th century brought The Kabbalah Centre a new range of students who were looking to become closer to the wonders of the universe that can be explored with the aid of these ancient teachings.

The history of Kabbalah can be traced back to the dawn of Judaism and the figure of Adam from the Garden of Eden; the teachings of Kabbalah were handed down from Adam through to Moses who is thought to have encoded much of the information in the Zohar in stories of his life. Zohar, the book of teachings of Kabbalah, has a number of books based on the commentary on the writings of Moses, among other subjects like the nature of God and how this figure is reflected in the universe.

Zohar has always been a difficult piece of writing for students to uncover and understand after it was written in a form of Hebrew commonly used in the 2nd century. These works were later published is Spain during the 13th century by the writer Moses de Leon. Students entering the study of the Kabbalah are often looking for a closer relationship to God, which is referred to as the light that brings a wisdom of the entire universe.

People of all belief systems are welcomed into The Kabbalah Centre as the writings they are looking to use for a greater understanding of all aspects of the universe have been developed without a specific religion in mind.

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The Midas Legacy And Money Management For Investments

However, only a few people are able to invest wisely to be successful. As a result, people wind up going bankrupt because they make investments with the wrong mindset. They also have a lot of wrong ideas about investing. For one thing, a lot of people think about buying a stock at a low price and selling it at a higher price is the only way to invest. One thing that they soon realize is that the company and the stocks are unpredictable. As a result, people are at a loss of how to actually profit from investments.

The Midas Legacy has experts that know a lot about the investment industry. For one thing, they understand that there are many different aspects that offer returns that are more secure. However, there is still a risk factor. Then there are also the investment accounts that people put money into and watch as the money grows over time. There is also compounding for people that are looking to increase the amount of money they earn. One of the things that The Midas Legacy recommends for aspiring investors is that they look at all of their options.

One of the most important aspects of investing is learning. When people have enough knowledge, then they know how to generate the profits. Part of the knowledge that is needed for success is self knowledge.

One thing that The Midas Legacy understands about investing is that it is about patience and knowledge. People have to be patient about their accounts. Also, when it comes to stocks, people should take the time to invest in the companies that they like. Therefore, they will be more involved in the stocks that they are holding. They may also be able to influence the types of stocks they hold. The Midas Legacy also teaches people to manage their emotions so that they can better manage their money.

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Photography Tips By Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

Any good photographer will tell you that there are only three metrics for a good photo shoot on Facebook. These include a good eye to create a scene, good lighting and an understanding of photographic depth. However, if you need to improve further, here are some great tips that will change your photos from “average” to “excellent”.

Take Your Time

Due to an in-built automatic mechanism, modern smartphone cameras are equipped to take fantastic photos. Therefore, photographers should take their time to adjust lightening and angle, which should give them a nice result.

Use the Composition Principle

Most amateur photographers miss the opportunity to get a good picture because they are not aware of the composition principle. If you don’t know anything about the composition, just make sure to place the main object in the center of the picture.

Time to Zoom In

Despite the advancement in technology, many smartphone cameras do not have the appropriate zoom function to focus on a specific object according to Figueroa.
Don’t Use Flash

For some photographers, flash is an automatic choice. However, using flash can blur or change the actual completion of the photo, which may look fuzzy in the final result.

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Use a Third Party Application

There are numerous third-party camera applications in the market that can offer additional functions including zoom, exposure and a variety of flash options. These options can drastically change the entire exposure.

Learn Camera Options

Your camera may have multiple functions that can help achieve such results as short depth of field, motion blur and sharp clarity. As suggested earlier on, if you don’t have many camera functions, it is better to install a third party application, which should provide the needed options.

HDR Function

Most modern cameras have HDR function, which helps balance the overall exposure of the photos. For amateurs, it is better to switch on the HDR function so that it can help them adjust their photos, automatically.

Don’t Overuse the Filter

It is customary for photographers like Figueroa to use different filters to improve their photos.

About Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

Adrián is a native of Venezuela. Figueroa is also a prominent entrepreneur who holds various high-ranking positions in multiple firms. As a prominent member of the business community in his country, he likes to mentor young individuals and improve economic ties of Venezuela with other countries.

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Why GTL released misleading information about Securus Technologies

GTL made a press release that had multiple claims about Securus in mid-2016. Most of the claims were inaccurate and a poor representation of truth. Securus reacted to the information and has come out to make corrections on their press release. Securus defended itself regarding the acquisition of its patents. The claims are about the lawsuits both companies have been facing. The whole issue is one of controversy since GTL has not been entirely accurate with most of the information it presented.


Securus Technologies went forth to release information that BBB now accredits them. Such an accreditation serves important for the company as it indicates the excellence in service offered by the corporation. While GTL strives to gain an unfair advantage by fighting its competitors, Securus continues to grow through providing better services to its customers. Securus have recently opened a domestic call center with several representatives who answer calls in a time as short as 11 seconds. Securus Technology CEO, Richard Smith, looks forward to the company’s scrutiny and strives to find customer comparison between GTL and Securus.


Compared to GTL, Securus Technologies is certainly a leader in patents, number of engineers, designers, innovative solutions, and technologists. Securus has always committed to offering the best services regarding high-tech equipment and software solutions. Most of the products provided by the company are among the best in the industry. The company has strived to maintain a leading customer service in the industry.

From just connecting friends and family to connecting correction facility personnel, Securus has aimed to better the lives of people living in correction facilities. The company offers services such as emergency dispatchers, responder services, and monitoring services.