Global Brand Marketing made Easier with Talk Fusion

Interaction has nowadays been enhanced by increased access to the internet. There are more benefits from these online interactions: businesses have been the most advantaged field with companies and individual product dealers finding it easier to advertise their products through online services and platforms. Companies have generated ideas on how best they can advance online product promotion and sales. Though some companies’ platforms have seen their initiatives stagnate due to the violation of internet regulatory terms, some have made it big in the industry.


Talk Fusion is one case of a lucrative idea that has thrived in advancing online marketing globally. The company provides all-in-one video marketing solution, thus offering a secure and more personal way for businesses to stay in touch with their potential clients. Their online platform and application allows you to add video to your emails, newsletters, online chats, blogs or even webinars. The video advertises your business products to your clients in a manner that is more attractive and direct than when you attach text advertisements to these media platforms. The fact that videos attract more attention makes them engage your customer easily. In fact, more customers are likely to buy from your business immediately they view the advertisement than in other media. The videos are easy, quick and affordable, making them more convenient than attaching text communications. The Talk Fusion platform helps you to:


  • Attract new and retain old customers: with videos displaying every developing idea about your product, you are more likely to retain your clients.
  • Tremendously improve your sales and profit: People will try out your products if you decently advertise them
  • Have advanced and competitive advantage over your market rivals: you are protected from unnecessary market competition due to one-on-one interaction with the client
  • Helps you put your brand and company name in the market map
  • Ultimately makes you lead the trends in the industry as a whole


Marketing has been made easy thanks to Talk Fusion. Being the world’s first all-in-one video marketing platform, the company has helped businesses stand out from their competitors. The company’s outstanding products are marketed by their independent associates globally.

Crime at The Quincy

Three or four gun shots supposedly rang out in New Brunswick, NJ on October 7, 2015, in which one person was injured in the shooting and was rushed to a nearby hospital in a privately owned vehicle, as the police launched an investigation into the incident.


A short while later, an individual with a single non-life threatening gunshot wound was treated at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, said Miller. The identities of the gun violence victim and the suspect were being withheld from the general public due to the ongoing investigation. The police are vigorously investigating this case.


In the mean time, detectives continue to investigate the shooting incident that occurred in and around the immediate surroundings of the Garden Apartment compound, building #1. The apartment complex is situated in the first ward of 33 Commercial Avenue.


In recent years, the 206-unit complex has made headlines – it has been a hot-spot for illegal activity. The apartment complex is owned by a company based in North Quincy, Massachusetts – a limited liability company, situated right across from the headquarters of Rutgers University’s Police Department.


In another incident, cell phone site records and information implicated Parysh Wood, 21, nicknamed Pistol, in the Quincy Circle pizza delivery armed robbery. Wood was charged with the robbery that took place on May 7, 2013 as the team’s captain, according to police.


The pizza delivery man proceeded to a nearby residence of the aforementioned complex of the N building to make the delivery, on November 30, 2012. The owner of the residence informed the delivery man that he had no recollection of anyone within the residency ordering pizza. Thus, he started walking back to his vehicle.


As he walked back, the delivery man was approached from behind by three male suspects, who claimed the pizza was theirs; one of them produced a handgun and pointed it to the head of the pizza delivery man and commanded him to give them money, police added. Before leaving the scenery, the three robbers stole the victim’s pizza, money, and his wallet. The three male suspects then ran to a parking lot nearby and took off in a dark colored minivan, according to eye witness account.


Chief Raymond Hayducka said violent crime is low in their community, but when it happens it is their responsibility to pursue all leads.


It is in the best interest of every responsible individual to ensure that their neighborhoods are safe.

Alexei Beltyukov’s Path From Medicine To Mechanicus And Other Companies

Alexei Beltyukov is someone who’s dedicated to business and helping others succeed in it. He especially knows how important it is to educate and encourage young people to solve problems so he recently joined Solvy, a platform for high school students to use for solving math problems.

It allows teachers to assign problems that have been generated by Solvy’s software, and students then have to write out the formula to solve them. The goal of the program is to not just have students find the right answer, but to coach them on the process they take to get there.

For Alexei Beltyukov, the journey he took to become successful in business has been a long and arduous one. He actually started out as a physician in Russia, a career that you might have thought would have a high income and afford him all the finer things in life.

But communism controlled the economy and he made very little, and things got even worse when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1990.

So he looked for other means to generate income from teaching in schools, translating documents, selling prescription drugs for pharmaceutical companies and even selling pepper sprays. But he found another path when he heard about a business program at INSEAD University.

Alexei Beltyukov graduated INSEAD Business School in the early 2000s and started out as a consultant for various companies. He wanted to raise capital to start his own businesses, but he had difficulty doing so.

He eventually started working for a Russian business magnate who put him in charge of several companies that he was tasked with turning into profitable subsidiaries of the businessman’s company. It was a tough task, but Beltyukov was able to start raising their value and selling them off. Learn more about more Alexei Beltyukov:

In 2008 Beltyukov started Mechanicus, a Russian-owned auto repair shop chain. The company did well at the outset but had to scale back when the financial crisis of 2008 hit. He also started New Gas Technologies, a petroleum manufacturer and refinery company.

This company had a lot more success, and as a result Alexei Beltyukov has become highly respected in the Russian business community. He also has started two venture capital suppliers, A-ventures and Endemic Capital and is also an advisor to the Russian government at the Skolkovo Foundation.

How Securus Technologies Is Helpful To One’s Community

Securus Technologies is bringing innovative forms of technology to your very own home. There are many different types of unfortunate events that could land someone in prison. Whichever their case is, all inmates will be faced with one common problem while behind bars. They will be faced with dealing with an incredible amount of loneliness. In the case that they feel extremely lonely, they will often ask their significant others, relatives, or friends to visit them while they’re incarcerated. If this is an experience that you have undergone before in your life, then you may be very well acquainted of just how happy that you can feel when seeing someone visiting you while you are in jail. However, it is also important to know that certain dilemmas may exist in which the visitors are unable to visit due to scheduling conflicts.


If you have been unable to have a visitor visit you while incarcerated, then it’s possible that there were certain circumstances that prevented the visitor from visiting you at the jail. Oftentimes, such conflicts arise from work, business, school, or other types of important responsibilities. It is important to know that regardless of there being conflicts in one’s scheduling, it is still possible to have visitation appointments set up despite the visitor being unable to physically attend a visitation session. This is made possible by Securus Technologies as the visitor can simply chat with the inmate from their very own home in which they will communicate through video chatting. It’s a great program that’s been designed to provide both parties with benefits in its communications interface. It is also a program that law enforcement officials has been fond of as it helps them to do their jobs of solving crimes as anything that may be discussed in the video conferencing sessions that may be relevant to a crime can be cause for beginning an investigation.


Construcap Leads in the Brazilian Real Estate Market

Construcap is an established company in the Brazilian economy: particularly the building sector and the energy sector. The determination to provide quality services makes the company stand out among the many other companies in the sector. As an ISO certified company, Construcap bases its operations on the Integrated Management System. By this system, its operations are coordinated for purposes of synergy. Through the safety management system (SMS), the environment management system (EMS) and the energy management system (EnMS), Construcap ensures it delivers quality services and considers safety and environmental issues as well.


Construcap offers goods and services to many sectors of the economy of Brazil. The construction industries require the services offered by Construcap. The commercial markets are also fed by Construcap. Additional services on offered include: design and building, civil engineering, electro mechanic assembly and structured projects.

Construcap Subsidiaries

Construcap, through its affiliates, gets contracts every now and then. InovaSaude is an example of an affiliate that has won a contract to build three major health clinics in Brazil. This affiliate is also required to procure and supply its new clinics with hospital equipment on It shall also manage all the non-health services offered at the clinics for the next 17 years. These three facilities will be in Sorocaba, San Jose Campos and Sao Paulo.


Youth, who have finished school, are taken in by Construcap for an internship program. The undergraduate students, who successfully complete the internship, are inducted into the organization on a full time basis. The training strives to achieve two things in particular. Through the training the interns learn more about the operations of the company, its mission and culture. The second part of the internship dwells on career development. This is where interns utilize their mentors to learn more technical lessons.

Adult Education

Construcap appreciates that people do not have equal opportunities in life. It is for this reason that it aggressively undertakes to tutor its site employees: those who have no formal learning. Once they learn how to read and write, Construcap helps them join institutions and acquire professional skills. Apart from imparting technical skills, Construcap runs a leadership program at

Chris Burch: Titan In Business and Investing

Chris Burch is an American investor, entrepreneur, and futurist. He attended Ithaca College where he graduated with a degree in business. Burch started his first company while he was in college. He co-founded Eagle’s Eye apparel with his brother and was able to grow it into a 100 million dollar business. The company was successful enough to be acquired by the Swire Group a few years later. Chris Burch started C. Wonder a few years ago. This is a home décor and accessories retailer. He grew C. Wonder into a profitable company. He sold it to Xcel Brands four years later. Burch is the founder of Burch Creative Capital which does brand activation for personalities and enterprises. The clients that he has worked with include Ellen DeGeneres, Poppin, and Cocoon9. Burch made his first investment in a technology company in 1999 when he invested in the Internet Capital Group. He has invested in various companies including BaubleBar, Chubbies, Soludos, and Blink Health.


Burch collaborated with Philippe Stark who is an architect and Alan Faena who is an hotelier to develop Faena Hotel+ Universe in Argentina. They were able to develop an underutilized tract of land into a luxury resort. Burch also acquired Nihiwatu and renovated into a world-class facility. It is a luxury resort in Indonesia. He has been involved in some charitable projects and has supported organizations such as Mt. Sinai Hospital, The Child Welfare League of China, and The China Association of Social Work. He also started the Christopher Burch Award for Humanism that recognizes individuals that are helping others in the community in a major way.


Burch recently wrote a piece on how technology and fashion feed each other to grow as industries. He starts by observing that many of the best-selling products of the last couple of decades were popular because they were in fashion at one point. These products include the boom box which was popular in the 70s, the Walkman, and the iPod. He then provides examples of how technology has been integrated into fashion by various designers. A Dutch fashion designer stated that technology provided endless possibilities for designers and a place for experimentation. She confirms that this is what led her to develop the drink-making dress called the Daredroid and a self-painting dress.


Burch cites other designers who used integrated fashion into technology to create products such as an airbag for cyclists and special gloves which help firefighters to communicate through gestures.