A new clothing line for the Steelers has fans buzzing

One of the most recognizable teams in the NFL has made a huge hit with its fans. The team of Susan McGalla recently unveiled a new clothing line that has excited its fan base before the season even began. It’s a great move by the team to get the team excited and ready to go for the 2016 NFL campaign.

The organization surely listened to its fans, bringing in focus groups and trying to understand what they wanted in their team apparel. Well, the Steelers listened to what the fans wanted, and they delivered in a big way.

Men wanted Steeler clothing they could wear to the office that was appropriate, and women wanted clothing that made them look and feel more feminine. Girls wanted pretty clothing with more pink, and boys wanted team clothing that was cool.

The Steelers did just that. Brand names were incorporated into the clothing line like Nike Golf, Victoria’s Secret, and Tommy Bahama.

The Steelers wanted a change in what they offered their fans so they brought in a clothing guru in Susan McGalla, to make a change. McGalla is not a stranger to the fashion world. She listened to those focus groups, and modernized the Steeler brand.

McGalla wanted to bring the Steeler brand “into the streets”, where clothing could be dressed up or down in a way the fan wanted. Susan McGalla is a powerhouse in the clothing world where she served as the CEO of Wet Seal and president of American Eagle Outfitters.

Susan McGalla is bringing in the fans and making them a part of the organization by sharing their ideas how the Steelers can innovate and improve.



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