The Midas Legacy And Money Management For Investments

However, only a few people are able to invest wisely to be successful. As a result, people wind up going bankrupt because they make investments with the wrong mindset. They also have a lot of wrong ideas about investing. For one thing, a lot of people think about buying a stock at a low price and selling it at a higher price is the only way to invest. One thing that they soon realize is that the company and the stocks are unpredictable. As a result, people are at a loss of how to actually profit from investments.

The Midas Legacy has experts that know a lot about the investment industry. For one thing, they understand that there are many different aspects that offer returns that are more secure. However, there is still a risk factor. Then there are also the investment accounts that people put money into and watch as the money grows over time. There is also compounding for people that are looking to increase the amount of money they earn. One of the things that The Midas Legacy recommends for aspiring investors is that they look at all of their options.

One of the most important aspects of investing is learning. When people have enough knowledge, then they know how to generate the profits. Part of the knowledge that is needed for success is self knowledge.

One thing that The Midas Legacy understands about investing is that it is about patience and knowledge. People have to be patient about their accounts. Also, when it comes to stocks, people should take the time to invest in the companies that they like. Therefore, they will be more involved in the stocks that they are holding. They may also be able to influence the types of stocks they hold. The Midas Legacy also teaches people to manage their emotions so that they can better manage their money.

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Photography Tips By Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

Any good photographer will tell you that there are only three metrics for a good photo shoot on Facebook. These include a good eye to create a scene, good lighting and an understanding of photographic depth. However, if you need to improve further, here are some great tips that will change your photos from “average” to “excellent”.

Take Your Time

Due to an in-built automatic mechanism, modern smartphone cameras are equipped to take fantastic photos. Therefore, photographers should take their time to adjust lightening and angle, which should give them a nice result.

Use the Composition Principle

Most amateur photographers miss the opportunity to get a good picture because they are not aware of the composition principle. If you don’t know anything about the composition, just make sure to place the main object in the center of the picture.

Time to Zoom In

Despite the advancement in technology, many smartphone cameras do not have the appropriate zoom function to focus on a specific object according to Figueroa.
Don’t Use Flash

For some photographers, flash is an automatic choice. However, using flash can blur or change the actual completion of the photo, which may look fuzzy in the final result.

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Use a Third Party Application

There are numerous third-party camera applications in the market that can offer additional functions including zoom, exposure and a variety of flash options. These options can drastically change the entire exposure.

Learn Camera Options

Your camera may have multiple functions that can help achieve such results as short depth of field, motion blur and sharp clarity. As suggested earlier on, if you don’t have many camera functions, it is better to install a third party application, which should provide the needed options.

HDR Function

Most modern cameras have HDR function, which helps balance the overall exposure of the photos. For amateurs, it is better to switch on the HDR function so that it can help them adjust their photos, automatically.

Don’t Overuse the Filter

It is customary for photographers like Figueroa to use different filters to improve their photos.

About Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

Adrián is a native of Venezuela. Figueroa is also a prominent entrepreneur who holds various high-ranking positions in multiple firms. As a prominent member of the business community in his country, he likes to mentor young individuals and improve economic ties of Venezuela with other countries.

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Why GTL released misleading information about Securus Technologies

GTL made a press release that had multiple claims about Securus in mid-2016. Most of the claims were inaccurate and a poor representation of truth. Securus reacted to the information and has come out to make corrections on their press release. Securus defended itself regarding the acquisition of its patents. The claims are about the lawsuits both companies have been facing. The whole issue is one of controversy since GTL has not been entirely accurate with most of the information it presented.


Securus Technologies went forth to release information that BBB now accredits them. Such an accreditation serves important for the company as it indicates the excellence in service offered by the corporation. While GTL strives to gain an unfair advantage by fighting its competitors, Securus continues to grow through providing better services to its customers. Securus have recently opened a domestic call center with several representatives who answer calls in a time as short as 11 seconds. Securus Technology CEO, Richard Smith, looks forward to the company’s scrutiny and strives to find customer comparison between GTL and Securus.


Compared to GTL, Securus Technologies is certainly a leader in patents, number of engineers, designers, innovative solutions, and technologists. Securus has always committed to offering the best services regarding high-tech equipment and software solutions. Most of the products provided by the company are among the best in the industry. The company has strived to maintain a leading customer service in the industry.

From just connecting friends and family to connecting correction facility personnel, Securus has aimed to better the lives of people living in correction facilities. The company offers services such as emergency dispatchers, responder services, and monitoring services.

The Swiss Start-Up Factory is changing lives

Start-ups play a huge role in the development of any economy. Economies run best when the biggest and best ideas come to the forefront. Unfortunately, large companies are often unwilling to bring new ideas to the forefront because they can be risky. For the best ideas to succeed, start-ups must bring new ideas to the marketplace. Countries that want to truly grow must invest in their start-up culture. One country that has developed a large start-up incubator culture is Switzerland.


Switzerland has always played a huge role in the world economy for years. They are a major banking center and they regularly attract major businesses. Mike Baur has worked in Switzerland for years and he loves watching the Swiss economy grow. Mike knows that Switzerland’s economy needs quality start-ups to keep growing. Start-ups need great support, and Mike recently decided to take action and help start-ups throughout Switzerland grow.


Mike Baur recently started the Swiss Start-Up Factory. The Swiss Start-Up Factory is an incubator program located in Zurich, the heart of the Swiss economy. The Swiss Start-Up Factory is a totally unique incubator program. Businesses move into the factory and spend three months becoming the best business possible. They have access to great office space and the materials they need.

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The Swiss Start-Up Factory is a major undertaking, but Mike Baur believes it is necessary. He feels that the Swiss people have grown complacent and are not taking risks to grow the economy. He wants the incubator program to be a literal factory that is pumping out fresh and exciting start-ups at an astounding rate. The start-up factory has already turned out several successful start-ups and they are working with a new class. The three-month program allows the Start-Up Factory to produce successful start-ups quickly. Mike also knew that the strong business friendly foundation offered by Zurich would be ideal for mentoring young business leaders. Mike hopes that his work with Swiss Start-Up Factory will allow the Swiss economy to reach a new level of prestige within society.


Start-ups are crucial to economic growth and everyone must do their part to keep innovation going. Mike Baur is confident that his latest project is going to change the world for years to come.

IAP Worldwide Service Offers Disaster Solutions

IAP Worldwide Services is a global-scale logistics service provider for facilities management, technical and advanced professional services. IAP has over 2000 professional employees spreading in over 25 countries globally. The team has the expertise to solve challenging issues facing public and private companies. IAP engages the unexpected client issues including overseas battlefields and natural disasters. The team of professionals is always ready to act on failures at a moment’s notice. Equipped with the successfully structured experience to plan, co-ordinate and execute complicated logistical and technical challenges, IAP is always ready to maintain, monitor and operate military installations to rescue clients.

IAP has built a responsive and reliable market reputation on meetings, hence exceeding customer expectations. According to IAP Worldwide Services , the issues that keep their customers awake at night make the employees of IAP wake up in the morning to find solutions. That is the difference between IAP and various disaster management organizations. IAP is committed to adopting its customer’s missions and objectives by channeling their passion, conviction, vision and effort to innovative solutions and results.

IAP Corporate Responsibility
IAP attributes its success to proper customer treatment. Besides, the proper treatment extends to the society by learning how to show gratitude to various communities that have been part of IAP’s success. IAP Worldwide Services dedicates to taking client’s primary goals and making them their core responsibility to deliver the expected results. IAP is committed to providing excellent results to customers, partners, and society by welcoming creativity and prize integrity. In addition to these services, IAP celebrates individual contribution to success.

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IAP Worldwide Services Inc Panama City FL, 32405
Kaye Scholer Represents Lender Group in IAP Worldwide Restructuring

IAP Charter Values
According to IAP, employees must think positively, be trustworthy, work passionately as a team and preserve a good bond of professional and personal growth. Most organizations base their operation on values.  Here are some of IAP’s values:
– Integrity and Humility
– Responsibility and Rigor
– Allow people to be happy
– Growth and Learning
– Partner up with like-minded persons

The History of IAP
IAP is a specialized logistics and procurement company founded in Irmo, SC. IAP started as a contracting firm to supply the U.S Army in Saudi Arabia with generator services. IAP has a trusted partnership with the U.S military and continues to win international procurement contracts and temporary mobile energy generation. Also, IAP offers emergency disaster relief and transportation services to organizations. IAP has government contracts totaling to $370 million.

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U.S. Money Reserve which is based in Austin Texas was found in 2001 by gold market veterans. The veterans realized that the customers require not only a good understanding of precious metals but also a reliable organization that gives guidance to the client and offers a high-quality service. The Money Reserve represents the largest suppliers of Government issued Gold and Silver and also they are the distributors of Platinum coins.

The corporation’s goal is to create a long-term relationship with its customers. The company has hired highly trained and professional employees equipped with market understanding to accomplish this purpose. This includes senior gold specialists and industry-leading numismatic and expert coin research professionals.

The team help their customers at every level find and choose products that offer a higher profit. The well-equipped personnel suggests why customers have placed their trust in the U.S Money Reserve to diversify their resources with precious metals.

According to PR NewsWire, George Soros states that U.S Money Reserve is the best opportunity for wealth protection because gold is a good investment, particularly during an economic recession. People who invest in precious metals hold them as a form of protection against future financial crises.

According to Soros U.S Money Reserve offers its investors with high quality rated metals that enable them to have the greatest chance for development.

The firm also provides precious metal which is created by the U.S. Mint and entirely supported by the government of United States for its content and transparency. The customers have access to the precious metals which the company distributes anywhere. The order from the client is transported from the company’s vault to the client’s doorstep in 7 business days or less.

Tracking the product represents one of the strategies employed in safeguarding the cargo.

The U.S Money Reserve is the most trusted company in the business of precious metals. It is for this reasons that Business Consumer Alliance awarded U.S Money Reserve with highest ratings for their reliability and moral business practice.

The Lowest Price Cell Phone Plan? Introducing FreedomPop

In today’s day and age, virtually everyone has a cell phone. Whether for personal or business use, people utilize cell phones on a regular basis. Unfortunately, cell phone providers typically charge an arm and a leg for their customers to have access to cell phone connectivity. Thankfully, FreedomPop, a recent cell phone carrier, has redefined the cell phone arena by offering record-breaking low prices. In order to completely wrap our heads around this revolutionary idea, we’ve decided to compile a short & concise FreedomPop review.


Founded in mid-2011, Stephen Stokols & Steven Sesar officially launched FreedomPop. The company was originally built on notion of offering free mobile services (including data usage, text messaging, and voice) and has stuck with this concept to this day. The company utilizes Sprint’s network.


FreedomPop’s free mobile plan offer’s no “hidden prices” and is relatively straight forward, no-contract, offering 500 texts, 200 voice minutes, and 500 megabytes of data usage each month. The company offers a wide variety of extra bonuses while using their service including free unlimited calling & texting to FreedomPop users, free international calling, access to millions of hotspots around the United States, and the ability to earn free data by adding friends or completing partner offers.


If a mobile users needs a higher plan, FreedomPop has them covered. The company offers many add-on services such as $5 Wi-Fi service, and a $19.99 unlimited plan


While using FreedomPop’s network, the company sells 3 types of phones. The first phone is the Kyocera Hydro Vibe. The small, compact, yet powerful cell phone runs Android operating system. The second phone, the Samsung Galaxy S4 (offered in both black and white colors), is favorite amongst many cell phone enthusiasts. The phone offers a powerful quad-core processor & a huge, 2600 mAh battery. Finally, the third phone that FreedomPop sells is the Samsung Galaxy S5, the revamped and updated version of the Galaxy S4. Packed with an upgraded processor and upgraded battery, this mobile device will surely be able to handle virtually any task and quickly become one of your favorite cell phones within no time.


As you can see from this FreedomPop review, the company is offering a considerable amount for a rock-bottom, affordable price. Not only is the company straight-forward with everything they offer, they are successfully redefining the mobile market & the price tag associated with it. If a person is looking to save money on their mobile service, it’s highly recommended that they learn more on FreedomPop’s official website, which can be found here.


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Kabbalah and the Expansion of its Study

Kabbalah is regarded as one of the oldest collections of spiritual wisdom in the world. Emerging from Abraham’s teachings, it is part of Jewish tradition. Originally, Kabbalah was passed from student to teacher orally. Over time, it came to be written down.

In addition to its importance in Judaism, Kabbalah has been studied by Christians, New Age practitioners, and people interested in the occult. Kabbalah examines the relationship between the finite and the infinite. It is a highly obscure and esoteric discipline.

Historically, the study of Kabbalah was very restricted. Only very studious people, mostly men over 40, were encouraged to pursue it. However, in recent years the Kabbalah Centre has worked to expand the number of people who study it.

Founded in 1922 by Rav Yehuda Ashlag, the Kabbalah Centre currently operates in 50 cities around the world. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Kabbalah Centre International is a highly respected and well known non-profit organization. Kabbalah Centre International is known for its focus on education. The organization leads study groups worldwide.

The method of teaching currently used by Kabbalah Centre International was devised by Philip and Karen Berg. They are a married couple. The Los Angeles headquarters were opened in 1984. There are also branches in New York, Toronto, and London. In recent years, several celebrities have become involved with Kabbalah Centre, including Slash of Guns ‘N Roses and Madonna.

Kabbalah Centre International is very accessible. With a thorough website, and a presence on social media, the organization is easy for people to find. The basics of Kabbalah, including teachers from the past and present, are listed there. For a tradition once defined by extreme secrecy, this level of transparency represents a big change.

Although the focus is on religious education, this organization is not limited to study groups. Kabbalah Centre Charitable Causes, or KCCC, works to provide aid to people in need. This can be in the form of goods, services, or spiritual support. In the past, KCCC has worked in partnership with organizations such as the Red Cross to provide relief after disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, the Haiti Earthquake, and Superstorm Sandy.

These organizations seek to help children make better decisions, resolve conflicts peacefully, and to develop feelings of self esteem. Visit the Kabbalah Centre on their website to learn more.

Whistleblower Programs Offer A Save Haven For Reporting

Whistleblowers are coming out in droves after the enactment of the Dodd-Frank Act — one of the most extensive and sweeping legislative tools to root out corruption in the banking industry.

The 2008 banking crisis exposed widespread corruption that nearly brought down an entire industry. Those who dared to speak out, did so at their own peril. There were no protections in place to help those who felt the need to report wrongdoings to the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC).

The office of Lubantan and Sucharow is a firm that offers whistleblower protection. In fact, it was one of the first firms in history to work primarily on whistleblower cases. Lubatan and Sucharow has a crack team of some of the most seasoned and professional attorneys in the state. Many of the team members formerly worked for the SEC to help prosecute corporations and individuals found guilty of securities violations.

Lead attorney Jordan C. Roberts, a former chief litigation counsel for the SEC, leads more than 100 attorneys, investigators, financial analysts and accountants. He is also responsible for drafting legislation and implementing rules and regulations.

A bonus of the Dodd-Frank Act is a financial incentive that compensates very well. Whistleblowers are entitled to receive anywhere from 10-30% payment on successful prosecutions that net at least $1 million in fines. Whistleblowers are also entitled to receive additional monies from other law enforcement entities under the same rules. Learn more:

“The financial payout has emboldened several individuals to report wrongdoings,” said Roberts. To those who criticize Roberts stance on financial incentives, he responded that many of the individuals who come forth put their own livelihood on the line. And it is only right that they receive something in return.

The Dodd-Frank Act also specifically supplies protection for those who choose to report. This means that whistleblowers cannot be subjected to harassment or termination.

The Lubatan Sucharow firm website has a wealth of information. The “Whistleblowing In Corporate World” provides information and lays out the pros and cons. To find out more information, potential clients are encouraged to contact the Whistleblower Team by email or phone. Initial consultations are free and protected by attorney-client protection.

George Soros: Ukraine is Europe’s Responsibility

In a recent op-ed for The New York Review of Books, billionaire philanthropist George Soros once again waded into European politics to share some insights on the state of Ukraine since the annexation of Crimea by Russia and the continued violence that intermittently visits that country.

Political pressure has been constant for the European Union in recent years, which has strained their currency’s buying power and questioned the political power of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. This has a lot to due with the frequency of crises in member nations that seem to put the future of the union in jeopardy.

According to Soros, of the many problems the EU faces, Ukraine is the one that deserves the most attention because it is two-fold, placing the EU’s economy under strain and incentivizing antagonism from Russian President Vladimir Putin. Following the Maidan Revolution in February of 2014 and the annexation of Crimea the following March, Ukraine has rejected the rule of political oligarchies in favor of supporting their working class. There is a vacuum of partnership the EU can take advantage of that would benefit them greatly in terms of restoring political faith and establishing new trade deals.

Soros has had extensive dealings in Ukraine through personal investment in the country and his own Ukrainian foundation. Both were precedents in a way for developing strategies he shared with political leaders throughout Europe.

While Putin is using current sanctions levied against Russia in order to boot patriotism by igniting poor opinion of western countries, the EU could similarly combat these perceptions by showing a friendly face to Ukraine. Budgeting effective financial support, including incentives to help their private sector grow and the institution of reforms could make the country an attractive place for investment.

This would also have to include Naftogaz, the Ukrainian gas monopoly. Regulating their current price fixing could help with energy shortages in needy households. This is of particular interest considering the annexation of Crimea had much to do with Russia’s interest in energy control.

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Sustaining Ukraine’s Breakthrough

Such moves would make the Ukrainian and economic landscapes more fair, which could sway opinion within Russia among dissidents who’ve demanded similar reforms from their government for years. It would act as an effective countermeasure to Russia’s continued disinformation campaign that seeks to discredit all external political messages.

According to Soros, the biggest impediment to institution these reforms that would change the European political landscape and keep Russia in check in the US and EU’s reluctance to back another losing horse. Much like with the Greek crisis, the EU is afraid of placing their currency at greater risk. Then there’s the Minsk agreement following the revolution which has placed many economic restrictions on Ukraine which limit’s the EU’s options.

The bearer of responsibility in the failure to mitigate these circumstances rests with Chancellor Merkel. George Soros has criticized her handling of Greece’s emergency situation by providing meager loans at punishing rates, and rather than institute effective reforms they’ve micromanaged nearly every step of their recovery. So far, Merkel’s administration has continued to treat Ukraine like Greece despite this not being the same situation.

According to Soros, Ukraine, though not an EU member, is standing as a political and economic barrier against Russian aggression. That makes it an invaluable asset that could help the EU shoulder their current needs in housing refugees from the Middle East and contribute to their economy.

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