Stephen Murray: The Person and the Businessman

Stephen P. Murray’s death is, of course, incredibly sad and one that really shook his close personal friends, family, and colleagues to the core. It’s not every day that a man like Stephen P. Murray comes along. They are what we call a rare-breed.

He leaves behind an incredible legacy as former president and CEO of private equity firm CCMP Capital. Our legacy and reputation is what we leave behind when we pass. This is a tough one because he was so young and had so much more ahead of him. However, because of his reputation and the kind of person he was, he might be gone but he will surely never be forgotten. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

There is an old expression that I’m quite fond of and that is “People will forget what you did to them, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” When it comes to Stephen Murray, he made a whole lot of people feel very, very good. He went out of his way to do so with his philanthropy work. Read more: 5 Questions with Stephen Murray, CEO of CCMP Capital and The Exponential Growth of CCMP Capital Under Stephen Murray’s Leadership

He felt it was a responsibility when you come into good fortune. There is no need for fancy cars or big equipment. It is about using that money for good and helping out others. That is why his reputation is so profound and so rock solid.

As far as a person, he had four sons and a lovely wife in Tami A. Murray. They were proud residents of Stamford, Connecticut – Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: As far as the company he worked for CCMP Capital, many believe he was a big part of their success. There is another expression that some things you have to work really hard at and some things come naturally to you.

With Stephen Murray, this type of business just seemed to be natural for him. That is not to say he didn’t work, because he worked incredibly hard. However, the actual business side and the working came natural.

That was an invaluable trait and something that simply can’t be taught or learned. It’s either within you or it is not. With Stephen Murray, he had that “it” factor. When you think of Stephen, please remember all the good he did as both a person and as a businessman.

Fabletics is Taking the World by Storm

The fashion world is changing, and there are some major players behind the changes that are happening. Fabletics is a brand that has managed to get a lot of buzz. People are talking about this on social media. There are also blogs that people are going to use to talk about Fabletics. The person that is doing the most talking, however, is the Fabletics co-founder, Kate Hudson.

She is doing her very best to make Fabletics a brand that stands out among the rest. Kate Hudson is working hard to make this brand stand out. She is opening stores and modeling the clothes. What may become her most effective marketing vehicle, however, is the interviews with magazines. This is where she shines the most. That is where she is giving people access to her brand with details about the clothes.

Fabletics is the brand that has managed to keep things interesting in the workout industry. There are many people that are getting a feel for the brand because it is showing on the bodies of women that are in malls. Women that are out to lunch are wearing their gear. That is why it has become so popular. It is getting noticed by people that would not necessarily go out to the gym.

It may be surprising, but some people may even be able to wear some Fabletics outfits to work. That is something that has become a big surprise because most workout clothes just do not fit this type of profile. Fabletics is a brand that has managed to get a lot of buzz because it fits into many environments that traditional workout clothes will not fit into. That is what Kate Hudson wanted to do when she started working on the website. This is a reality for her now. It is quite obvious that people are going to want to see more of this brand because it is going to be ideal for so many customers.

Women are still shopping vigorously on the website, but that is not the only place that you will find customers that want the review she wrote. There are more stores that are opening up, and Hudson knows that this will present more opportunities for people to try on the Fabletics clothes.

The Fabletics brand is something that is hot right now, and a lot of female consumers are reading the magazines like Marie Claire to find out more about the brand. It is set to become a staple in American workout gear.
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The Amazing Brian Bonar

Innovate, re-invent and focus. That is that motto that guides the life of the highly skilled, well-educated Brian Bonar. And Bonar has done just that. After attending James Watt Technical College from 1963 to 1969 to do his undergraduate work, he went on to Stafford University where he earned a Masters in Mechanical Engineering.

But for Brian Bonar that was just the beginning. He has gone on to play leadership roles in a number of major corporations while continuing to use his creativity and opportunities to build organizations and help many people to grow personally and professionally.

According to Dalrada and PR News Wire, Brian Bonar has a wide and varied skill set. Some of the skills which have made him in high demand in business include his ability to handle turn around management, his expertise in finance, sourcing, recruiting, and private equity, and his ability to create effective marketing strategy and process improvement.

Bonar is also known for his work in Mergers & Acquisitions and sales and his success working with start-ups, restructuring, and attracting venture capital. He is also outstanding when it comes to new business development, lead generation, and employee relations.

His experience working in business is very diverse. He worked with IBM as a procurement manager from April 1969 until March 1985 outsourcing mother boards for IBM pc’s. Bonar then took a position as Director of Engineering for QMS. From April 1985 until he left the company 4 years later, he managed their team of hardware and software development engineers. In June 1989 he left QMS to become Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Rastek Corporation. There he handled the company’s sales of printing technology worldwide.

Bonar’s next job was as sales manager for Adaptec where he helped to create and maintain working relationships with some of the best known major Korean and Japanese printer manufacturers. After 13 months, Bonar felt he needed a new challenge. He became founder and CEO of Bezier Systems and launched the first printer that was SCSI based.

In 1995 he was back working with Korean and Japanese printer manufacturers as sales and marketing vice president for itec imaging technologies. In 2008 he left itec to become president of Allegiant Professional Business Services. He held the position for 2 years.

Two other companies Bonar created and ran were AMS Outsourcing and Dalrada Financial Services. He held the companies for 6 and 16 years respectively. While retaining control of Dalrada, Bonar is also chairman and CEO of Trucept, a San Diego, CA based company which specializes in temporary staffing, insurance products and a host of other services.

Additional info can be obtained below:–inc./salary/470203#.Vye_cEURW4E
The New Frontier


QNet Looks To Help Others As Success Continues

The success of the direct selling company QNet has been fast and continued for a number of years since the multi level marketing business was founded in 1998 in Hong Kong. I have been aware of the success QNet has enjoyed, but have only recently been looking to conduct some research into how the company has been conducting business over the last few years.

QNet has spent a large amount of time and effort looking to assist those in need in parts of the world the company is actively working within, such as India and other areas of the Asian continent. Across India the need for clean and safe water has been a major source of concern for individuals and charitable groups from across the globe; QNet has looked to provide disaster relief kits for those who are affected by flooding and other problems across the country. I have been impressed by the approach QNet has taken to providing clean water to various groups across India, but in particular I have enjoyed reading about the programs QNet has implemented to provide clean drinking water for shcools in some of the poorest areas of India.

Part of the reason I have been looking into the products offered by QNet is the ideals the company seems to possess are similar to those I have looked to live and work by for myself. Luxury goods play a vital role in the business of QNet and the high quality testing put into place make this one of the most impressive business groups I have come across. Added to the high quality luxury goods is a commitment to living in peace with the environment, which the company has taken to include the use of vegetarian products to aid their commitment to the best possible quality products in the world.

US Money Reserve Penny – The Real Truth

There is an on going debate on the value of the penny an whether or not it should be removed from the press. An interview of Philip Diehl, president of US Money Reserve shown on CNBC Squawk Box deals with whether or not it is a good idea to remove the penny from the press and the potential consequences that can occur with the removal of the penny.

It is a controversial topic with people on both sides of the debate making predictions about the possible consequences that could result from the removal of the penny. Philip Diehl himself is in favor of getting rid of the penny due to the cost of producing it.
The side against getting rid of the penny voice concerns particularly of the elimination of the penny being the cause of inflation due to the need to round up to the nearest ten. In other words, prices like $4.99 or similar prices would rise up to a full $5.00. This is a major concern for people who oppose the elimination of the penny. Admittedly, this is only speculation on their part. The side that is in favor of eliminating the penny from the press offers a compelling argument.

Philip Diehl himself says that the retailers and food companies care enough about the customers to avoid angering them over a penny. For one thing, they may round the costs down a few cents to the next available coin value. He also points out that the penny costs a lot more to print than they are worth, Getting rid of the penny would save a lot of money. He also notes that the material of the penny has changed over time.

Both sides present a compelling argument. One thing is certain, they are considering getting rid of the penny. It is only a matter of time before they remove the penny from the mint.