Tony Petrello, Success Story

Tony Petrello is a great director, philanthropist, mathematician, lawyer and a great CEO. He happens to have been one of the most compensated CEO around the globe. He has held many positions at various companies he has worked for. Apart from being the Nabor’s CEO he has also worked at Baker $ McKenzie law firm, he has also worked as a director a, he also happens to be the current director of Hilcorp Energy Company. He was also selected to serve as the Stewart $ Stevenson director position. He is, therefore, a person who has been trusted by major companies while making decisions. Looking at his journey of success at Nabors industries, he started as a Chief Operating Officer, then after one year he was elected the president and later after few years, he became the Chief Executive Officer of that company. That was the biggest success in history that he has ever reached. He has a very big record of achievement and the company is very proud to have employed him.

Tony Petrello has worked for journey up the ladder. He started from a very humble beginning. A public schools alumni to being the big CEO he is today. He holds a bachelor of mathematics from the University of Yale. He had been given a scholarship after a person of good will realized that the guy was a genius in mathematics. He also pursued masters in mathematics from the same University. He later left Yale University and joined Havard School of Law. He did a bachelors degree in Law. Those were enough qualifications to call him a scholar. He had skills to make him one of the best corporate attorneys in the world. Tony later was employed by one of the biggest law firms in the United States. It’s called Baker & McKenzie law firm. He worked for several years at the firm. He rose to a rank of a managing partner and that is when Nabors Industry directors started approaching him after they discovered his prowess in analysis and the way he dealt with tax issues.

Tony Petrello is also a great Philanthropist. He is a person with a big heart and has donated $7 million to the Texas Children’s Hospital that helps in treating and caring for children with neurological diseases. He has really helped them. He has also been donating a lot of money towards the care of other people suffering from different conditions.

About Tony Petrello :

Make Sure Your Daily Draft Includes DRAFT

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Michael Lacey: A Mathematician Empowering Tomorrow’s Mathematicians

The field of mathematics has played a significant in the development of modern human civilization. Going as far back as ancient Egypt and ancient Greece, mathematics has been used to fast-track the development of key technologies and approve or disprove community beliefs.

As such, it is essential that we celebrate all mathematicians as the work they are engaged in today will likely influence how the world functions tomorrow.

Even greater commendation should be afforded to those mathematicians who chose to direct their talents towards educating the thinkers of tomorrow. One such deserving mathematician is Michael Lacey.

Michael Lacey is a mathematician who currently serves as a professor at Georgia Institute of Technology’s School of Mathematics. He has been teaching mathematics for close to two decades now.

His first post was at Louisiana State University (LSU) where he was employed as an assistant professor. After that, he moved to the University of North Carolina, where he was also equally employed in the same position.

While brief, his stay at the University of North Carolina was highly fruitful as in addition to building on his professional experience, he got the opportunity engage in research targeted at proving the central limit theorem.

Micheal then had a lengthy seven-year stint at Indiana University. After leaving the institution, he accepted an assistant professor position at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. Thereafter, Georgia Institute of Technology came calling, offering an assistant professor position with guaranteed tenure. Read more: Mike Lacey | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Facebook

Lacey accepted the position, and after three years he was offered a full professor position at the institution. He accepted it and has been with Georgia Institute of Technology since.

As is expected of a mathematician of his stature, Michael Lacey is highly educated. His highest academic qualification is a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois. His doctorate thesis explored probability in Bananch Spaces.

The supervisor that oversaw the completion of his doctorate research was Walter Philip, a mathematician with whom he would later extensively collaborate. He also holds an undergraduate, B.S. degree, awarded by the University of Texas, Austin.

Michael Lacey has cultivated a name for himself as one of the hardest working mathematicians there currently is. Consequently, he has been invited to and accepted to numerous short-term and visiting positions at numerous university all across the world.

Additionally, he has been bestowed with numerous awards and honors. The most significant honor thus far was been given a 45-minute slot to speak at the International Congress of Mathematics in 1998.


The revolution of trade unions by James Larkin

James Larkin commonly known as Jim Larkin was a renowned activist for the workers in Dublin. He was Irish but born in Liverpool in 1876. He did not study much but he was very organized and fought for fair conditions for workers. He joined the National Union of Dock Labourers, NUDL, where he later became a full-time trader.

During his time there, he organized militant methods of striking for the rights of workers. The NUDL did not support his methods of striking and in 1907 they sent him to Dublin to work there. While at Dublin, he started the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union.

The Union was meant to ensure the welfare of all workers, unskilled and skilled, in the industry was met. The Union was the largest in that region but it was demolished after the Lockout of Dublin. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

The Lockout of Dublin was one of the largest strikes that James organized. More than 100 thousand workers went on strike for almost eight months to fight for fair employment. They won the case eventually. Read more: The Definite Biography of Big Jim Larkin

In 1903 James got married to Elizabeth Brown and together, they had 4 children. Jim Larkin was a strong believer in leading by example. In 1914, Larkin moved to the United States to try and raise money for fighting the British. In 1923, he was deported to Dublin after been given a pardon after being convicted of communism and rebellion.

When he was deported back to Dublin it was not as welcoming for him as all what he had formed previously was destroyed and in chaos. During the 1920s and 1930s, James focused on rebuilding relationships.

Jim Larkin continued organizing labor movements in Dublin in the 1940’s. In 1941, he fought for the housing problem using his role in the Dublin Corporation and Dublin trades council to rebel against the Trade Union Act. This is what helped him earn back his respect and recognition and this led to his election to the Labor TD in Dublin, North East region, in 1943.

In Dublin, he was recognized by the Communist International for his organization of the Workers’ Union. James continued with his activism until the very end. He died at the age of 71 in Dublin. 50 years after the Lockout, his legend was commemorated.

James is remembered for the revolution of trade unions and fighting to end the dependence on British labor laws. He introduced moral methods that represented both the skilled and unskilled workers which have since been embraced by many trade unions.


Seattle Genetics was founded in nineteen ninety-nine by Clay Siegall with the aim of researching about human antibodies. The company has been manipulating and packaging drugs since when it was founded. The antibodies from the company can connect to other things especially a therapy. The antibodies are essential in destroying a cancer cell by providing a toxic payload.

Seattle Genetics is categorized among the big leagues. The company has a market value of approximately ten billion dollars and has employed nine hundred employees. Seattle Genetics has been ranked as one of the largest biotech in Washington DC. Clay Siegall is planning to make investments that will make the company grow and employ two hundred more employees.

The company has come up with a drug known as Adcetris that treat Hodgkin Lymphoma. Hodgkin Lymphoma is cancer that attacks the lymph system thus spreading to other organs. Siegalls’ idea is to establish a global and multiproduct oncology company that will no longer sell drugs to another larger company as other firms in the biotech industry have been doing. He is also doing international marketing of the company’s newer drugs. Siegall has opened an office in Switzerland to help his company do international marketing on its own.

Clay has spent up to two billion dollars to purchase the worldwide rights with the aim of marketing a cancer drug that was developed by Immunomedics based in New Jersey. This was a way of showing his commitment to the international market. Seattle genetics continues to grow and achieve greater success despite the fact that it is only eighteen years old.

About Dr.Clay Siegall.

Clay is an experienced man with a vast knowledge of the biotech industry. He has used his experience to build various antibody therapies that deal with cancer. Some of the therapies include;

  1. ADCETRIS (brentuximab vedotin)

This therapy was approved in twenty eleven by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Seattle Genetics under the leadership of Clay Siegal has raised over six hundred and seventy-five million dollars through capital-raising activities and private financings .Dr. Siegall had worked with the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute from nineteen ninety-one to nineteen ninety-seven before he founded Seattle Genetics. Siegall is an author to over seventy publications and proudly owns fifteen patents. Clay holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Genetics which he received from the prestigious University of George Washington. He also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Zoology which he received from Maryland University.


The Open Society Drives George Soros To Become A Popular Philanthropist

There are few billionaire philanthropists in the world who have created their own charitable networks who do not name their foundation after themselves and be accused of completing vanity projects. One of the few who can be said to be completing their charitable work for the right reasons is iconic hedge fund manager George Soros who has taken the need for a fairer and more open society for new levels of success through the work completed by his Open Society Foundations. The Open Society Foundations reports George Soros has played a key role in the development of a fairer and more democratic community across the globe by providing funding for the Roma community of Europe as they set out to develop their human rights as members of the European Union.

Looking at the career of George Soros makes it easy to see how his need to develop a new way of exploring democracy has been developed with the aid of the open society theory created by Henri Bergson and developed by Austrian philosopher Karl Popper. The work of Popper had a great effect on the young George Soros as he set out to become a better person following his own escape from communist Hungary after the Nazi occupation had ended and communist rule had taken its place. The development of communism as a political ideology began a move towards a better world each and every individual could be a part of no matter where they were born or found themselves living. In an article from The Atlantic, George Soros set out to develop his own stance about how the world is changing since the end of communism and the rise of the capitalist ideology that George Soros believes is posing as much of a threat to the world as socialism did in the 20th-century.

In the framework of the open society set out by George Soros, the community has access to education, freedom of speech, and a democratic voting system designed to provide a voice to all the people of any nation. The work George Soros completes as a philanthropist and political donor is now largely focused on areas of the U.S. as the octogenarian hedge fund manager believes the capitalist threat now facing the world is being driven by the fact this form of economic and political theory has been accepted as the dominant force in the world. George Soros believes the rise of capitalism to a position of hegemony in the world has seen its major supporter, the U.S. begins to fail as a society as the freedoms the nation began by backing have been threatened by a group of political and economic leaders out to protect their own position.

Foreign Exchange Expertise of Greg Secker

Greg Secker, an English businessman, is famous in the Forex exchange industry. He recently was interviewed with Inspirery. Secker said he realized people struggled to start a business because there was not enough education and without the educational background, the stakes of joining the trading game were extremely high. With this concept, Greg began his business to provide people with ideas especially access to trade in foreign transactions to improve their lives.

Moreover, Greg used to make money from the companies he worked for but always wanted to teach people about investing. Therefore, Secker makes sure his teachings are built in his programs with Learn to Trade and with his foundation. He left the corporate world at 27 to trade at home because of platforms such as Learn to Trade. Within three to six months, he was making more money than he made in the corporate world.

When he started, he almost lost hope but reassessed his steps and corrected his mistakes. He introduced webinars and workshops for Learn to Trade providing lessons to other business people. His family and friends were his first customers and first students learning how the program works.

Greg stated his success is mainly supported by his family, friends and business partners. He considered his satisfying moment like that when Knowledge to Action started operating. Greg recently bought a little box with a pack of cards used like magic to indicate what an individual can do for business with no limit.

Greg Secker is a native of Norfolk, England. He attended the University of Nottingham earning a degree in agricultural and food science. He then joined Thomas Cook Financial Services where he worked as a trading technologist. Later, Greg founded Virtual Trading Desk platform which earned him the British Telecom Award.

He became the Vice President at Mellon Financial Corporation at 25 and quit in 2003 to focus on Forex trading. Mr. Secker founded the Greg Secker Foundation providing education and leadership skills to the youths. He is interested in helping people understand Forex trading and making profits from the business.


Matthew Autterson Uses His Company to Help People

Since joining CNS Bioscience, Matthew Autterson has done nothing but help people. He has tried different things and that has helped him to make things easier on his own. There have been a few things that Matthew Autterson did to make things easier and all of that made his life better. While Matthew Autterson was doing this, he knew that he could try different things and that he could help other people out with the issues that they were having. While Matthew Autterson was working to grow CNS Bioscience, he was also working to educate himself about the things that were going on in the field of medicine that he was a board member of. He always tried to show people what they could get from the medicine that he had.

The clinical testing stage of medicine can be crucial. If it is not done the right way, there can be grave complications that happen because of it. There have also been different things for people to learn about in the clinical testing field so Matthew Autterson has to make sure that everyone has the right information that they need so that things do not get ruined because of simple mistakes. Matthew Autterson has done what he can to ensure that things are going good and that the company will be able to continue helping people out.

Part of the job that Matthew Autterson has is to ensure that the company is doing things the right way. He knows that he will need to make the right choices for the company and that it will continue to be better than what it was in the past. For Matthew Autterson to be able to manage the company properly, he has to make sure that he is doing everything right and that people are able to get a positive experience out of what he has to offer. He likes to work with patients to make sure that they are getting the options that they require while they are going through the testing phases. He also likes to help the medical professionals who are administering these things so that they will be able to see how he can make a difference and what he can do to make things better for these professionals. All of this is a huge part of Matthew Autterson’s job and something that he continues to do while on the board.


A Relaxing Evening with Kim Dao

Kim Dao’s perfect routine makes for a relaxing and enjoyable evening every night. When coming home from a busy day, she will reply to emails and comments and edit some videos for a while. Dessert, anyone? Yes, Kim Dao may have a little dessert before dinner while watching some videos, too. Learn more:


She removes her eye makeup with wipes and Manara hot cleansing gel for the rest of her face. It is the best seller in Japan. This product not only removes makeup and impurities, it has over 91% beauty enhancing ingredients. It has a warming effect that opens and deep cleans her pores, smells great and leaves her skin moisturized. Learn more:

Now, it is on to the shower. Kim Dao prefers to shower in the evening so that she goes to bed clean. She blow dries her hair and applies oil for moisturizing and smoothness. Learn more:


Let’s eat! In Japan, it is usually cheaper to eat out when you are single, so a delicious and easy meal from the 7/11 warmed up in the microwave is just perfect and sometimes has another snack. Learn more:


When bedtime arrives, it is time to brush the teeth and Kim Dao completes her skincare routine. Toner, essence, emulsion and moisturizer are applied to her face. Kim likes to wear compression socks on her feet and legs at night which helps with circulation after lots of walking and being on her feet all day. After lying in bed for a while, playing games or responding to comments on her phone, Kim Dao is ready for sleep and another busy day.


Norman Pattiz: The Benefits of Advertising through Podcast One

Tom Webster and Norman Pattiz recently announced the results of PodcastOne brand lift studies. Norman currently serves as the chairman and founder of PodcastOne while Tom Webster is the vice president for one of the most respected research companies known as Edison Research. Pattiz says that it is clear from the results that podcast advertising is significant in the modern market.

During the crucial study, Pattiz and Webster took into consideration five national brands, getting five products and surveys from the brands. There were several surveys, and the first held last year in June.

Results obtained from the study indicated that more people were likely to purchase a product and service after listening to the message in podcasts. Here are some of the primary findings from the survey.

More than sixty percent of the listeners chose a particular grocery brand after they heard about it through the podcast campaign. This number increased by fifty-three when compared to the previous study.

The products and services in the financial department rose by over forty-seven percent. In the automobile world, it went up by more than thirty-seven percent.

More people had a favorable opinion concerning the automobile products after the campaign. A greater number of the listeners said that they were most likely to purchase the garden products after the special campaign. Read more: Norman Pattiz | Twitter

To get the best results for the campaign, Edison Research Company under the leadership of Tom Webster had opted to conduct three separate surveys. The compressive results were accurate, and they can be relied upon by the consumer.

The new brands introduced during the campaign progressed very well after the advertisement. Individuals who want to introduce new brands in the market should embrace this form of advertisement to make more sales and profits at the end of the day.

Norman Pattiz is a respected American businessman who has a lot of investments and interests in the broadcasting world. Norman Pattiz established Westwood One several years ago. As the founder and chairman of the institution, the businessman has done a lot to make it a leader in the competitive world. Westwood One distributes and manages CBS News, CNN Radio, NFL football and many others.

The businessman has won several awards due to his accomplishments in the industry. Just recently, Norman Pattiz introduced a program that will feature some of the best entertainment stories in the industry. The Jericho Network will air the program.