Beneful- The healthy choice for dogs

Beneful is a dog food brand produced by the Nestle Purina company. Their products are marketed for dogs only, as opposed to some other pet food brands that cater to multiple animals. Beneful products include both wet and dry foods, as well as dog treats. They even has a product line, called Healthy Harvest, that uses soy rather than meat as the protein source. This great dog food was first introduced in 2001 with an emphasis on nutrition and appearance, often resembling human foods such as stew. Beneful has grown into one of the most popular dog food brands found today, grossing over $1.5 billion annually. According to the company the term “Beneful” can be defined as “full of goodness”, and you will find many dog owner will agree with that sentiment.

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  1. Beneful is rich source of food for your dog. It comes in different varieties to cater for all body sizes and budgets. I tried NinjaEssays and the experience has been great this far. The extra is that Beneful is available at your closest Walmart store so you’ll always be in stock to give your dog a treat.

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