Crime at The Quincy

Three or four gun shots supposedly rang out in New Brunswick, NJ on October 7, 2015, in which one person was injured in the shooting and was rushed to a nearby hospital in a privately owned vehicle, as the police launched an investigation into the incident.


A short while later, an individual with a single non-life threatening gunshot wound was treated at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, said Miller. The identities of the gun violence victim and the suspect were being withheld from the general public due to the ongoing investigation. The police are vigorously investigating this case.


In the mean time, detectives continue to investigate the shooting incident that occurred in and around the immediate surroundings of the Garden Apartment compound, building #1. The apartment complex is situated in the first ward of 33 Commercial Avenue.


In recent years, the 206-unit complex has made headlines – it has been a hot-spot for illegal activity. The apartment complex is owned by a company based in North Quincy, Massachusetts – a limited liability company, situated right across from the headquarters of Rutgers University’s Police Department.


In another incident, cell phone site records and information implicated Parysh Wood, 21, nicknamed Pistol, in the Quincy Circle pizza delivery armed robbery. Wood was charged with the robbery that took place on May 7, 2013 as the team’s captain, according to police.


The pizza delivery man proceeded to a nearby residence of the aforementioned complex of the N building to make the delivery, on November 30, 2012. The owner of the residence informed the delivery man that he had no recollection of anyone within the residency ordering pizza. Thus, he started walking back to his vehicle.


As he walked back, the delivery man was approached from behind by three male suspects, who claimed the pizza was theirs; one of them produced a handgun and pointed it to the head of the pizza delivery man and commanded him to give them money, police added. Before leaving the scenery, the three robbers stole the victim’s pizza, money, and his wallet. The three male suspects then ran to a parking lot nearby and took off in a dark colored minivan, according to eye witness account.


Chief Raymond Hayducka said violent crime is low in their community, but when it happens it is their responsibility to pursue all leads.


It is in the best interest of every responsible individual to ensure that their neighborhoods are safe.