IAP Worldwide Service Offers Disaster Solutions

IAP Worldwide Services is a global-scale logistics service provider for facilities management, technical and advanced professional services. IAP has over 2000 professional employees spreading in over 25 countries globally. The team has the expertise to solve challenging issues facing public and private companies. IAP engages the unexpected client issues including overseas battlefields and natural disasters. The team of professionals is always ready to act on failures at a moment’s notice. Equipped with the successfully structured experience to plan, co-ordinate and execute complicated logistical and technical challenges, IAP is always ready to maintain, monitor and operate military installations to rescue clients.

IAP has built a responsive and reliable market reputation on meetings, hence exceeding customer expectations. According to IAP Worldwide Services , the issues that keep their customers awake at night make the employees of IAP wake up in the morning to find solutions. That is the difference between IAP and various disaster management organizations. IAP is committed to adopting its customer’s missions and objectives by channeling their passion, conviction, vision and effort to innovative solutions and results.

IAP Corporate Responsibility
IAP attributes its success to proper customer treatment. Besides, the proper treatment extends to the society by learning how to show gratitude to various communities that have been part of IAP’s success. IAP Worldwide Services dedicates to taking client’s primary goals and making them their core responsibility to deliver the expected results. IAP is committed to providing excellent results to customers, partners, and society by welcoming creativity and prize integrity. In addition to these services, IAP celebrates individual contribution to success.

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IAP Charter Values
According to IAP, employees must think positively, be trustworthy, work passionately as a team and preserve a good bond of professional and personal growth. Most organizations base their operation on values.  Here are some of IAP’s values:
– Integrity and Humility
– Responsibility and Rigor
– Allow people to be happy
– Growth and Learning
– Partner up with like-minded persons

The History of IAP
IAP is a specialized logistics and procurement company founded in Irmo, SC. IAP started as a contracting firm to supply the U.S Army in Saudi Arabia with generator services. IAP has a trusted partnership with the U.S military and continues to win international procurement contracts and temporary mobile energy generation. Also, IAP offers emergency disaster relief and transportation services to organizations. IAP has government contracts totaling to $370 million.

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