Donald Trump Needs Some Reputation Help

While Hilary Clinton calls Donald Trump’s foreign policies approach “dangerously incoherent”, many Americans support his stance. From the mouth of his opponent and greatest competition (Hilary Clinton), Donald Trump would engage in risky decisions in regards to foreign policy, which she thinks could create conflict with allies of the United States. From the Democratic view, Donald Trump does not have a good reputation and is thought to be a “liar” and not a man of integrity.

Quite simply, she represents all that our agenda aims to fix.” As a Republican representative, he is essentially making the point that Donald Trump’s reputation is conservative and one that seeks the best interest of “We the People” (the Republic).

According to another article:, Trump has the reputation of changing his viewpoint on many issues. The article states that he has the “tendency to radically switch positions and deny previous statements”. This would lead many readers to believe that he has a reputation of being fickle. According to this review from ReputationDefender, he’s going to have a hard time fixing that reputation.

As a pacifist and fellow American citizen, I seek to support and be an advocate for the person that I feel will help lead Americans into greater Security (both nationally and internationally) and eliminate war across the globe.