Handling Doxxing And Other Problems

The online world is very cutthroat. For one thing, there is a lot of predators at work. People that are online are vulnerable to a lot of potential issues which include doxxing. There is one person that got doxxed, which basically means she has had her personal information leaked online by trolls. She doesn’t understand why someone would do that to her. Either way, she has found help from Darius Fisher, who is the founder of Status Labs. Darius has taken time to work with her on what she could do in order to further protect herself from the issue.

Darius Fisher is involved with online reputation management. His firm, Status Labs is one of the most prominent online reputation management firms in the industry. One of the reasons that he is so successful is that he actually takes the time to form a plan that involves all kinds of PR. He does work with search engines. However, he goes well beyond the work of providing optimized content. He also handles social media. He makes sure to go over a thorough plan for reputation management which includes a change in behavior and ways of doing business.

One thing that he recommends is that people take a proactive approach to managing their reputation as opposed to waiting until they get an attack on their reputation.  Also, as people realize that reputation is one of the most important aspects of business success, they will look for firms that will provide a thorough overhaul on reputation. People will be more prepared for the inevitable attack on their reputation when they are more eager to be active towards maintaining their online image as opposed to having to rebuild.

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