Photography Tips By Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

Any good photographer will tell you that there are only three metrics for a good photo shoot on Facebook. These include a good eye to create a scene, good lighting and an understanding of photographic depth. However, if you need to improve further, here are some great tips that will change your photos from “average” to “excellent”.

Take Your Time

Due to an in-built automatic mechanism, modern smartphone cameras are equipped to take fantastic photos. Therefore, photographers should take their time to adjust lightening and angle, which should give them a nice result.

Use the Composition Principle

Most amateur photographers miss the opportunity to get a good picture because they are not aware of the composition principle. If you don’t know anything about the composition, just make sure to place the main object in the center of the picture.

Time to Zoom In

Despite the advancement in technology, many smartphone cameras do not have the appropriate zoom function to focus on a specific object according to Figueroa.
Don’t Use Flash

For some photographers, flash is an automatic choice. However, using flash can blur or change the actual completion of the photo, which may look fuzzy in the final result.

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Use a Third Party Application

There are numerous third-party camera applications in the market that can offer additional functions including zoom, exposure and a variety of flash options. These options can drastically change the entire exposure.

Learn Camera Options

Your camera may have multiple functions that can help achieve such results as short depth of field, motion blur and sharp clarity. As suggested earlier on, if you don’t have many camera functions, it is better to install a third party application, which should provide the needed options.

HDR Function

Most modern cameras have HDR function, which helps balance the overall exposure of the photos. For amateurs, it is better to switch on the HDR function so that it can help them adjust their photos, automatically.

Don’t Overuse the Filter

It is customary for photographers like Figueroa to use different filters to improve their photos.

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