Norman Pattiz: The Benefits of Advertising through Podcast One

Tom Webster and Norman Pattiz recently announced the results of PodcastOne brand lift studies. Norman currently serves as the chairman and founder of PodcastOne while Tom Webster is the vice president for one of the most respected research companies known as Edison Research. Pattiz says that it is clear from the results that podcast advertising is significant in the modern market.

During the crucial study, Pattiz and Webster took into consideration five national brands, getting five products and surveys from the brands. There were several surveys, and the first held last year in June.

Results obtained from the study indicated that more people were likely to purchase a product and service after listening to the message in podcasts. Here are some of the primary findings from the survey.

More than sixty percent of the listeners chose a particular grocery brand after they heard about it through the podcast campaign. This number increased by fifty-three when compared to the previous study.

The products and services in the financial department rose by over forty-seven percent. In the automobile world, it went up by more than thirty-seven percent.

More people had a favorable opinion concerning the automobile products after the campaign. A greater number of the listeners said that they were most likely to purchase the garden products after the special campaign. Read more: Norman Pattiz | Twitter

To get the best results for the campaign, Edison Research Company under the leadership of Tom Webster had opted to conduct three separate surveys. The compressive results were accurate, and they can be relied upon by the consumer.

The new brands introduced during the campaign progressed very well after the advertisement. Individuals who want to introduce new brands in the market should embrace this form of advertisement to make more sales and profits at the end of the day.

Norman Pattiz is a respected American businessman who has a lot of investments and interests in the broadcasting world. Norman Pattiz established Westwood One several years ago. As the founder and chairman of the institution, the businessman has done a lot to make it a leader in the competitive world. Westwood One distributes and manages CBS News, CNN Radio, NFL football and many others.

The businessman has won several awards due to his accomplishments in the industry. Just recently, Norman Pattiz introduced a program that will feature some of the best entertainment stories in the industry. The Jericho Network will air the program.