Orange Coast College Teaches Conservation

A Westcoast college is making major changes to its campus. Orange Coast College is a public community college located in Orange County, CA. While the school has practiced and encouraged recycling for more than four decades, a new Adams Avenue facility is certain to lead them into the future of conservation. The new $7 million dollar facility took just over one year to build and covers roughly five acres. Staff members unveiled the new facility in a recent ribbon-cutting ceremony.


Visitors come from cities all along Californias southern edge to bring their unwanted material to the new facility. Staff members will even provide small compensation to visitors for some material. From old and unused electronics to glass and aluminum, the new facility provides a safe location to dispose of many items and materials that could easily harm our environment if not disposed of properly. The purpose of the new facility is to not only provide locals with a safe disposal location. It also helps keep Californias air and water clean and free of pollution and harmful toxins.


Going all the way, the facility practices full sustainability with their eco-friendly design. Photovoltaic panels are used to provide power, decreasing the amount of natural gas required in order to operate. The new facility is a model for sustainability and energy conservation and serves as inspiration for us all to be mindful of our environment.


Orange Coast College was founded in 1947, with the first classes being formed in the fall of 1948. Currently, more than 20,000 degree-seeking students and working adults trust Orange Coast College with achieving higher education. Learn more: