Why GTL released misleading information about Securus Technologies

GTL made a press release that had multiple claims about Securus in mid-2016. Most of the claims were inaccurate and a poor representation of truth. Securus reacted to the information and has come out to make corrections on their press release. Securus defended itself regarding the acquisition of its patents. The claims are about the lawsuits both companies have been facing. The whole issue is one of controversy since GTL has not been entirely accurate with most of the information it presented.


Securus Technologies went forth to release information that BBB now accredits them. Such an accreditation serves important for the company as it indicates the excellence in service offered by the corporation. While GTL strives to gain an unfair advantage by fighting its competitors, Securus continues to grow through providing better services to its customers. Securus have recently opened a domestic call center with several representatives who answer calls in a time as short as 11 seconds. Securus Technology CEO, Richard Smith, looks forward to the company’s scrutiny and strives to find customer comparison between GTL and Securus.


Compared to GTL, Securus Technologies is certainly a leader in patents, number of engineers, designers, innovative solutions, and technologists. Securus has always committed to offering the best services regarding high-tech equipment and software solutions. Most of the products provided by the company are among the best in the industry. The company has strived to maintain a leading customer service in the industry.

From just connecting friends and family to connecting correction facility personnel, Securus has aimed to better the lives of people living in correction facilities. The company offers services such as emergency dispatchers, responder services, and monitoring services.