The Kabbalah Centre Offers Infinite Enlightement

You may have heard of celebrities who follow the ancient teachings of Kabbalah such as: Madonna, Mick Jagger, Elizabeth Taylor, Demi Moore, Alex Rodriguez, Ariana Grande, and more. Although the growing list of celebrities who are students of Kabbalah is lengthy, you should know that practicing the teachings of Kabbalah doesn’t require you to be rich and famous. The Kabbalah Centre is a non-religious, spiritual organization that spans across nationalities, ethnicities, and backgrounds.

Rav Philip Berg and his wife Karen Berg brought Kabbalah teachings to the masses. Rav Philip Berg expanded upon the methods used by Rav Yehuda Ashlag. Rav Ashlag was the founder of the Kabbalah Centre, and he structured the teachings as we now know it. He founded the Kabbalah Centre in 1922. Kabbalah is not a hierarchal method of study that pushes students and followers to attain levels of knowledge and understanding. It is simply practical enlightenment that you can use in many areas of life in order to experience greater joy, love, and a sense of purpose. What we know of as today as the Kabbalah Centre started out as the National Research Institute of Kabbalah in 1965 in New York.

The primary headquarters for the Kabbalah Centre is located in Los Angeles, which was opened in 1984. There are Kabbalah Centres all across the world which includes centres in Rio de Janeiro, Milan, Miami, Toronto, and other areas in the US, Asia and Middle East, the Americas, and Europe. If you can’t find a Kabbalah Centre near you, then you can go online and watch online Kabbalah classes or read resources about the principles, history, and core teachings of Kabbalah. Through the Kabbalah Center Charitable Causes (KCCC), the Kabbalah Centre continuously gives back on a global scale to those in need. Spiritual, physical, and financial support has been provided to individuals, groups, and nations to bring relief and support in the wake of natural disasters, poverty and hunger, and gender inequality.

In much of their charitable work, the Kabbalah Centre has partnered with other charitable organizations such as the American Red Cross, Partners in Health and Habitat for Humanity, and other groups.


New Age Mysticism Adds to the Popularity of the Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre is looking to continue its amazing growth in the 21st century after bringing the ancient writings originally found in Judaism to the attention of people from a wide range of belief systems. Kabbalah has always been hidden by teachers of Judaism who believed it too complex for the uneducated to explore; however, the growth of new age mysticism in the early 20th century brought The Kabbalah Centre a new range of students who were looking to become closer to the wonders of the universe that can be explored with the aid of these ancient teachings.

The history of Kabbalah can be traced back to the dawn of Judaism and the figure of Adam from the Garden of Eden; the teachings of Kabbalah were handed down from Adam through to Moses who is thought to have encoded much of the information in the Zohar in stories of his life. Zohar, the book of teachings of Kabbalah, has a number of books based on the commentary on the writings of Moses, among other subjects like the nature of God and how this figure is reflected in the universe.

Zohar has always been a difficult piece of writing for students to uncover and understand after it was written in a form of Hebrew commonly used in the 2nd century. These works were later published is Spain during the 13th century by the writer Moses de Leon. Students entering the study of the Kabbalah are often looking for a closer relationship to God, which is referred to as the light that brings a wisdom of the entire universe.

People of all belief systems are welcomed into The Kabbalah Centre as the writings they are looking to use for a greater understanding of all aspects of the universe have been developed without a specific religion in mind.

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Kabbalah and the Expansion of its Study

Kabbalah is regarded as one of the oldest collections of spiritual wisdom in the world. Emerging from Abraham’s teachings, it is part of Jewish tradition. Originally, Kabbalah was passed from student to teacher orally. Over time, it came to be written down.

In addition to its importance in Judaism, Kabbalah has been studied by Christians, New Age practitioners, and people interested in the occult. Kabbalah examines the relationship between the finite and the infinite. It is a highly obscure and esoteric discipline.

Historically, the study of Kabbalah was very restricted. Only very studious people, mostly men over 40, were encouraged to pursue it. However, in recent years the Kabbalah Centre has worked to expand the number of people who study it.

Founded in 1922 by Rav Yehuda Ashlag, the Kabbalah Centre currently operates in 50 cities around the world. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Kabbalah Centre International is a highly respected and well known non-profit organization. Kabbalah Centre International is known for its focus on education. The organization leads study groups worldwide.

The method of teaching currently used by Kabbalah Centre International was devised by Philip and Karen Berg. They are a married couple. The Los Angeles headquarters were opened in 1984. There are also branches in New York, Toronto, and London. In recent years, several celebrities have become involved with Kabbalah Centre, including Slash of Guns ‘N Roses and Madonna.

Kabbalah Centre International is very accessible. With a thorough website, and a presence on social media, the organization is easy for people to find. The basics of Kabbalah, including teachers from the past and present, are listed there. For a tradition once defined by extreme secrecy, this level of transparency represents a big change.

Although the focus is on religious education, this organization is not limited to study groups. Kabbalah Centre Charitable Causes, or KCCC, works to provide aid to people in need. This can be in the form of goods, services, or spiritual support. In the past, KCCC has worked in partnership with organizations such as the Red Cross to provide relief after disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, the Haiti Earthquake, and Superstorm Sandy.

These organizations seek to help children make better decisions, resolve conflicts peacefully, and to develop feelings of self esteem. Visit the Kabbalah Centre on their website to learn more.