Fabletics, Taking Athleisure to the Next Level

Fabletics, the athleisure brand, has taken the country by surprise. This company has grown so big, it’s now able to compete even with online giant Amazon. This success is due, in part, to Kate Hudson, the actress and new fashionista of Fabletics. The brand has now exceeded over $250 million in sales in just a few short years. Hudson was approached by the creators of Fabletics to represent the brand due to her fit lifestyle and winning attitude.


Hudson states that in the beginning many of the business decisions were made and tested by “trial and error.” Executives at Fabletics involved Hudson in nearly all business decisions. She took the initiative to take the company to all new heights. Customer service was a top priority, as was the quality of merchandise. The company took a large loss in the beginning due to receiving a shipment of substandard quality. The customer service was revamped and now enjoys a high customer satisfaction rating. Taking the bull by the horns, the company executives and Hudson made an unstoppable powerhouse of athleisure success. Demi Lovato has also joined Fabletics due to the message, it brings to its customers and its empowerment of women. She’s released her new fashion line, which can be found on the Fabletics website at https://www.fabletics.com.


Another factor in the success of the company was the marketing methods it implemented. The “reverse showroom” technique, as used by companies such as Apple and Dell, highlights the online component with smaller retail outlets. This is great for an apparel line, as shoppers often want to see the quality and style prior to purchasing. Data also allows Fabletics to make business decisions in the retail stores as far as merchandise and support. Bestsellers are available in the stores for customers who’re seeking instant gratification. Customer service also has a spot in the store, which makes customers feel confident in the company.


Fabletics includes more than just athleisure and women in its lineup. A men’s line, kids, plus sizes, shoes and many other items can be found on the Fabletics website. The lifestyle quiz also helps match customers with the best possible look and fit for their unique needs and tastes. Guests can also find things like lifestyle and health and fitness tips. Top picks are featured, as are specials to save new members money on their first purchase. Get online and see what Fabletics has to offer and take the lifestyle quiz at https://www.fabletics.com/get-started today!

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