NPG VAN Promotes Canvassing Done by “Knocking on Doors” and Technology

Canvassing for an upcoming election is central to political software company NPG VAN. With their specific audience of Democratic and progressive candidates and a focus on bringing out the vote for these candidates, NPG VAN created a webinar to inform canvassers of the best strategies for success.

More than any other method, the most personalized and effective method of canvassing and interacting with potential voters is the tried and true practice of going door-to-door. Not only has NPG VAN found that this is best way of discerning already decided voters, but it is the surest way to establish a dialog that allows for the canvasser to respond to questions and concerns of the individual voter.


While building on what may be called a “leg work” strategy the innovation of MiniVan, NPG VAN’s mobile app, makes most other aspects of the canvassers’ work much easier and far more reliable. The app gives any user the ability to use their smart phone to keep track of, calculate, send, and analyze all the data that formerly would have required hours of paperwork or inputting and sending files from a computer. As a canvasser goes through their rounds of visiting voters, they can update the count and various aspects of “results” just by entering them on the app.

With great effort given to the needs and desires of a diverse and often differing electorate given factors of income, locale, race, and educational variants an often overlooked area has been a focus on the particular preferences and nuances in the LQBTQ community. Having estimated there may be as many as 10 million potential voters who identify as LQBTQ, NPG VAN has incorporated non-binary pronouns to be ascribed to their voters’ records, allowing canvassers to address each person approached in the most respectful and accurate way. This is not done only for the sake of a given campaign, but out of respect for each individual. With its continued mission to bring out voters in many essential races on local, municipal and state levels, Democratic and progressive candidates stand to have more voters from the LQBTQ community supporting their candidacies and, in turn, being an integral part in the governing of the communities they live in.

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