OSI Group: America’s Top 100

OSI group is a food production corporation established in Aurora, Illinois specializing in meat processing. The organization is an American, privately maintained meat-processing company with worldwide offices headquartered in Aurora, Illinois and was founded by Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant who opened a meat distribution company in Illinois. It is now a multi-billion-dollar organization that is considered a well known holding firm of meat processors.

OSI group was among the 18 firms that were awarded the Globe of Honors that year and would be considered a highly entrepreneurial firm. It is one of the top 100 food companies in America and offers a high-value food product to their clients and retail brands. OSI Group is capable not only of producing food products but also of acquiring various manufacturing companies in the industry.

OSI group is a world leader in providing a top notch of products and for the food industry. The company is rooted in providing quality in meals ranging from lunches, snacks, desserts, and breakfasts. They are highly committed to offering top grade products and has also been recognized for observing the environment and creating sustainability policies. OSI group is looking forward to improving how it works by increasing value to customers.

OSI group has a large menu on their website that allows customers to order anything that they can think of. The company has branched out into the world and continued to offer plenty of experience and has been for over a century now.

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Samuel Strauch: Choosing A Quality Real Estate Advisor

Are you searching for reliable real estate advice or guidance? Need someone to guide you properly in starting your own lucrative real estate investing business? If you are interested in making a fortune in the real estate arena, then check out Samuel Strauch – a successful real estate investing professional.

Real estate investing involves purchasing properties with the intention of creating a reliable, steady flow of income. Real estate investors who make a fortune make sure that they learn from a renown professional with a proven track record. And they usually acquire multiple properties as a way to guarantee multiple streams of income. This is considered to be one of the most reliable ways to invest and reach your financial goals.

Choosing a real estate advisor is not something to be handled lightly. You need to do your home work to be absolutely certain you choose a renowned professional. By selecting one of the most reliable advisors or coaches, you can be certain you will receive the right guidance.

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Improve your chances of success by enlisting the services of a reputable and experienced real estate investment advisor like Samuel Strauch – a successful real estate investor in Miami, FL.

Samuel Strauch is well known in the real estate industry and comes highly recommended. Samuel Strauch is one of the brightest minds in the real estate field and has helped many people and companies reach their investment goals. Samuel Strauch can help you get started, or grow your business.

Samuel Strauch has the top notch resources and reliable connections to achieve successful transactions and is well qualified to guide you on the path to success. Samuel Strauch believes that every ambitious person has the ability to amass a fortune in this highly lucrative field.

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Mike Baur Is A Man About Business

Mike Baur has been fascinated with the banking industry since he was a young teen. He was born in Switzerland and obtained an MBA at the University of Rochester and an Executive MBA at the University of Bern. Spending nearly 20 years in the swiss banking industry, Baur would climb the ranks all the way to board member and worked at respected banks, such as, Clariden and Sallfort. Mike Baur wants to share what he’s learned with fellow entrepreneurs and inspire the people of Switzerland to begin their own startup ideas. He truly believes that the next big Swiss company is a tech company because the time for “digital transformation and big business model shifts is now”. Baur wants to bridge the gap between old and new economies which is a problem that Swiss companies are facing. Baur acts as a digital board member to several Swiss companies because he makes it his mission to see companies adapt to new technologies. Mike is dedicated to “giving back” and is a key note speaker at universities, small and mid sized corporations, as well as startup events. His strong background in banking gives Mr. Baur a strong edge in Switzerland’s startup ecosystem.

Swiss Startup Factory is a company that Mike Baur and two others started back in 2014. Swiss Startup Factory’s mission is to provide young and talented entrepreneurs in Switzerland with a top professional grade execution platform that guides them through a business driven and dedicated process from A to Z with very ambitious milestones. Swiss Startup Factory involves a 3 month accelerator program that covers your startup from start to finish. The program even teaches you how to best utilize your work space. The services provided by Swiss Startup Factory are broad and vast including bookkeeping, invoice management, payroll management, financial statements, tax & VAT reporting, cash flow reports, and progress & financial health reviews. When you sign up with Swiss Startup Factory you can personalize any package to fit the need of your particular business. Struckd, Blinkers, Carhelper, and Beaconsmind are a few businesses that have gone through the Swiss Startup Factory.

Apart from business, Mike Baur LOVES his sports. Fribourg Gotteron would be his hometown hockey team of choice, and he is known to follow his favorite professional Tennis players at the ATP tour.


Brad Reifler’s Personal Mission To Help The Marginalized

At the beginning of 2016, Brad Reifler announced a new collaboration deal with Easter Seals Dixon Center and his firm, Forefront Capital Advisors. Eastern Seals Dixon works with military veterans and their families to give them a better life. They navigate international and local channels that help to find affordable and quality education, employment and health services.

Forefront Capital Advisors specializes in providing alternative solutions to clients seeking investment management services and merchant banking solutions across the globe. The chief executive officer of Forefront stated that his enterprise has a personal ambition to better the lives of the US forces.

He explained that working with Easter Seals is a gift to the courageous men and women who have served the country in life-threatening situations. He commended Easter for creating the opportunity to take care of this personnel and their families. Learn more about Brad Reifler: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/brad-reifler-forefront-capital-want-165445401.html

Brad Reifler is an alumnus of Bowdoin College, where he earned his undergraduate certification. Brad is an iconic investment figure whose stand in the field influenced the SEC to eliminate the restrictions of investment by common business persons.

He set up Forefront Capital to combat the difficulties faced by average-level investors in different industries. His efforts received recognition from Yahoo when he featured in one of their leading business interviews segments. Mr. Brad headed and established several firms before launching Forefront.

According to Bloomberg, Brad Reifler began Reifler Trading Corporation in 1982 and Reifler Capital Management in the year 1992. In 1995, Brad Reifler started Pali Capital Incorporation and led it as the chairman and chief executive officer until October 2008. During the early years of managing Pali Capital, he was also a manager at Refco’s sales sector.

Crunchbase has it that Brad Reifler executed the businesses’ international strategies, investment programs, and foreign relations. Brad is a director in several organizations such as ITG Market Research Incorporation, ROOT Exchange and ITG Investment, Roots Markets Incorporation and Wins Finance Holdings Incorporation.

He is a self-governing director of Sino Mercury Acquisition Corporation and serves on the council of several organizations such as the American-European Investment Bank. Brad Reifler is a licensed holder of the Series 63, 24, 7 and 3.

David Giertz Elaborates the Benefits of Social Security

A study conducted by Nationwide Financial showed that a lot of people who have retired or are approaching retirement, misunderstand the concept of social security. According to experts, this could mean more taxes and less income for the people who have already retired. The study also indicated that financial advisors refrain from speaking with their clients about the topic of Social Security.



Interview with Veronica Dagher



David Giertz, who currently works as the senior vice president of sales and distribution at Nationwide Financials, spoke to Veronica Dagher about this. She writes the Wealth Advisor column of the Wall Street Journal. Giertz said that it is important that people create a retirement plan that takes into account maximizing Social Security benefits.



Giertz pointed out that the survey showed that a third of the people who had retired were getting a benefit that was less than what they expected. The survey also indicated that about 80 percent of people would consider changing their financial advisor if they did not speak to them about social security.



Due to the complexity of Social Security, most financial advisors tend to shy away from discussing that issue with their clients. Social Security is so complex that the Social Security handbook has an astonishing 2700 rules. Giertz also said that people should time correctly. If Social Security is taken too early, one can run the risk of losing thousands of dollars during their retirement.



About David Giertz



Giertz is based in Dublin, Ohio. He has over 30 years in his career as a Financial Planner. David started his successful career at Skokie Federal Savings in 1988.



Between then and the year 2006, David has worked in executive positions for very many firms. FINRA lists David as a registered broker. He has attempted and passed four certifications over the course of his career. https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-giertz-5aa76051



Igor Cornelsen Believes in Starting Small and Building Investment Portfolios

Igor Cornelsen is giving people access to a plethora of tips that can help them put up their investment portfolios in order. It isn’t always so easy to get people to manage their portfolio on Tripod.com. There are some obvious things that people can do to manage their portfolios better, and it all starts with developing a sound plan. The people that are looking for the best return on investment will have to take the highest risks, but Cornelsen knows how to balance this.

The art of balancing a portfolio can be tricky. There are some people that may have a windfall where they receive money and they don’t know what to do with it. For these types of things it is important to have some type of diversify among investments. Things like the S&P 500, for example, can be a great way for people that are interested in maximizing their return on investment. This is something that Igor Cornelsen would be a fan of because he is a strong believer in spreading the investments out. Some people may choose a bunch of individual stocks, but the index funds are an easier way to get involved when there isn’t a strong desire to analyze the market.

There is a deep level of commitment that is seen in the stock market from people that are day traders on LinkedIn. Everyone may not have this type of time to look at the stocks and see the ups and downs constantly. They may only have a limited amount of time. That is why the index funds are valuable. Some people are thrilled about how they can change the entire course of their lives with better investing decisions at http://igorcornelsen.tumblr.com/.

Igor Cornelsen believes that the best way to invest properly is by starting small. It is just a matter of time before the portfolio starts to build. This is what most people will do when they are interested in starting slowing. They add a few stocks and learn more about investing. That is another tip that Cornelsen suggests on lulu.com. He believes people should commit to learning about stocks.

OSI Group – Food Excellence

OSI group is a company that processes food and sells items which are protein in nature. They also produce other food products for breakfast, which include pork, sausages, pizza, sandwiches, raw and processed chicken, and hotdogs. OSI group was known as OSI industries before they changed to OSI group in 2004.

OSI group won a Globe of Honor award which was held in London on November 25, 2016. This award was given to them because they did excellent work in managing the environment throughout their business.


OSI encourage a lot people to grow and expand their careers by offering qualified graduates opportunity to exercise their skills and make use of their knowledge.

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Baho food company operates both in Netherlands and Germany. The purchase of this company makes them to be broader and also they will serve the needs of their customers in Europe.


Tyson food plant operates in Chicago which is mainly for food business. The main aim for purchasing this Plant is to serve the customer needs and improves the efficiency of the firm.


This company mainly supplies sauces, frozen poultry, and pie products. The purchase of this company is mainly to broaden their presence in Europe.


1. The highly processing method which improves fresh food.
2. They have consistent quality products.
3. They have highly experienced and qualified employees.

Learn more about OSI Group: http://www.foodsafetynews.com/tag/osi-group/#.WGvb_7YrLeQ.

Online Property Reports with Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc.

Title defect is a chief concern in the real estate business. Stakeholders in the market feel that it is a primary cause of wrongful foreclosures as well as stalling of the transition of assets. Senior officials of the NTC say that property records are the fundamental requirement for clear title conveyance. They also play a significant role in curtailing the risk of a buyback.


Several reasons can render a title invalid. Below are the most widespread.

  • An individual or entity laying claims to property owned by someone else.
  • Missing the signature of a party crucial to the transaction, a spouse for instance.
  • Issues with the choice of words in the document, leading to con-compliance with the real estate standards of a particular region.
  • Failing to follow the filing and recording procedures of real estate documents.
  • The presence of liens and other encumbrances.


Easy Access to Property Reports


NTC has laid down procedures for easing the process of securing property reports. On launching an updated website, the firm made various property reports accessible online. These records include current owner report, assignment verification report services, tax status report, and tax status (plus) report.


John Hillman, the NTC CEO, says that the company aims at providing a straightforward approach to securing property records. They back their property research files with extensive research on actual land records and are available for all residential property across the nation.


NTC compiles data from various sources in an automated process, which experts conclude with human verification. This kind of diligence has enabled NTC to service the most renowned mortgage lenders in the United States under the deeply audited compliance regulations.


According to NTC, their property reports produce accurate results for what they were intended. The firm carefully analyzes every situation to obtain an in-depth understanding of client needs and then matches it to the most appropriate data sets for optimal outcomes.


Nationwide Title Clearing Overview


Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC) was established in 1991 in Palm Harbor, Florida. It is an unsurpassed research and document-processing provider for the residential mortgage sector. The firm serves lenders, investors, and servicers in the industry. Most of the top ten residential mortgage servicers in the United States are clients of NTC.


The firm provides profound research services and flawless document processing which meets the standards of the mortgage industry. It protects homeowners, assists the mortgage banking industry and preserves the American land records. NTC emphasizes on providing research and audit for land records, property reports, assignment services, lien release, tracking and retrieval of documents, and other custom business solutions.



Global Brand Marketing made Easier with Talk Fusion

Interaction has nowadays been enhanced by increased access to the internet. There are more benefits from these online interactions: businesses have been the most advantaged field with companies and individual product dealers finding it easier to advertise their products through online services and platforms. Companies have generated ideas on how best they can advance online product promotion and sales. Though some companies’ platforms have seen their initiatives stagnate due to the violation of internet regulatory terms, some have made it big in the industry.


Talk Fusion is one case of a lucrative idea that has thrived in advancing online marketing globally. The company provides all-in-one video marketing solution, thus offering a secure and more personal way for businesses to stay in touch with their potential clients. Their online platform and application allows you to add video to your emails, newsletters, online chats, blogs or even webinars. The video advertises your business products to your clients in a manner that is more attractive and direct than when you attach text advertisements to these media platforms. The fact that videos attract more attention makes them engage your customer easily. In fact, more customers are likely to buy from your business immediately they view the advertisement than in other media. The videos are easy, quick and affordable, making them more convenient than attaching text communications. The Talk Fusion platform helps you to:


  • Attract new and retain old customers: with videos displaying every developing idea about your product, you are more likely to retain your clients.
  • Tremendously improve your sales and profit: People will try out your products if you decently advertise them
  • Have advanced and competitive advantage over your market rivals: you are protected from unnecessary market competition due to one-on-one interaction with the client
  • Helps you put your brand and company name in the market map
  • Ultimately makes you lead the trends in the industry as a whole


Marketing has been made easy thanks to Talk Fusion. Being the world’s first all-in-one video marketing platform, the company has helped businesses stand out from their competitors. The company’s outstanding products are marketed by their independent associates globally.


Crime at The Quincy

Three or four gun shots supposedly rang out in New Brunswick, NJ on October 7, 2015, in which one person was injured in the shooting and was rushed to a nearby hospital in a privately owned vehicle, as the police launched an investigation into the incident.


A short while later, an individual with a single non-life threatening gunshot wound was treated at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, said Miller. The identities of the gun violence victim and the suspect were being withheld from the general public due to the ongoing investigation. The police are vigorously investigating this case.


In the mean time, detectives continue to investigate the shooting incident that occurred in and around the immediate surroundings of the Garden Apartment compound, building #1. The apartment complex is situated in the first ward of 33 Commercial Avenue.


In recent years, the 206-unit complex has made headlines – it has been a hot-spot for illegal activity. The apartment complex is owned by a company based in North Quincy, Massachusetts – a limited liability company, situated right across from the headquarters of Rutgers University’s Police Department.


In another incident, cell phone site records and information implicated Parysh Wood, 21, nicknamed Pistol, in the Quincy Circle pizza delivery armed robbery. Wood was charged with the robbery that took place on May 7, 2013 as the team’s captain, according to police.


The pizza delivery man proceeded to a nearby residence of the aforementioned complex of the N building to make the delivery, on November 30, 2012. The owner of the residence informed the delivery man that he had no recollection of anyone within the residency ordering pizza. Thus, he started walking back to his vehicle.


As he walked back, the delivery man was approached from behind by three male suspects, who claimed the pizza was theirs; one of them produced a handgun and pointed it to the head of the pizza delivery man and commanded him to give them money, police added. Before leaving the scenery, the three robbers stole the victim’s pizza, money, and his wallet. The three male suspects then ran to a parking lot nearby and took off in a dark colored minivan, according to eye witness account.


Chief Raymond Hayducka said violent crime is low in their community, but when it happens it is their responsibility to pursue all leads.


It is in the best interest of every responsible individual to ensure that their neighborhoods are safe.