Serial Founder Eric Lefkowsky Still Finds Time For Charity

Eric Lefkowsky may be best known for co-founding, in 2007, the company that would later become Groupon.[1] Lefkowsky would go on to serve as Groupon’s CEO. After Groupon did a large capital raise of $950 million in 2010, they distributed $810 million to investors and employees. That distribution made Lefkowsky and his family deservedly rich. In reading about Lefkowsky business ventures both before and after Groupon, one is struck by his seemingly endless energy, and the number of businesses he and his partners have founded or acquired, many of which went public.

Among the companies he founded and is still actively involved [2] in are:

• Tempus, Inc. (Founder and CEO)

• Uptake (Founder and Investor)

• Groupon (Founder and Chairman)

• LightBank (Founder)

• MediaBank (Founder)

Eric Lefkowsky is probably, at present, most focused on Tempus, Inc.[3] Tempus aims to rewrite the book on what cutting-edge cancer research means. Tempus’ goal is nothing less than to transform the treatment of cancer into precision medicine. To bring about this new era in medicine Tempus proposes to revolutionize the manner in which doctors use data. That revolution will help bring about precise, individually-targeted cancer treatments.

Eric Lefkowsky and Tempus are employing a three-pronged strategy to revolutionize the treatment of cancer. The first prong is using genetic analysis to grok each patient’s tumors at the bio-molecular level. The second prong of their strategy is to take the enormous amount of data contained in the notes of clinicians, in the results of lab work, pathological data and radiology scans, and then to transform it into clearly structured data. The third prong is providing that actionable data to clinicians and patients so that working together they can devise the optimal treatment strategy for that particular patient.

It’s hard to imagine where Eric Lefkowsky finds the time, but he is deeply involved in community and charitable works. Eric Lefkowsky and his wife Liz founded the Lefkowsky Family Foundation in 2006. The foundation’s website enumerates four areas[3] in which it strives to make a difference. First, education for children with a focus on middle school education. Second, to advance human rights for underserved communities and women and girls. Third, just like Tempus, to drive new medical techniques and knowledge. And finally, to create more cultural initiatives.

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