Shiraz Boghani Played A Great In The Success Of Sussex Healthcare Limited

Shiraz Boghani is a renowned successful businessman. He studies accounting at a small firm on his arrival to the United Kingdom. After he completed his accounting studies, he moved to Thomson McLintock for further studies in accounting. He has run many positions all through his career.

Shiraz helped in the establishment of Sourjorns Hotel LLP where he also served as the chairman. He is also a member of Chartered Accounting in Wales and England. He also serves as the director for The Splendid Hotel Group. Above all, Shiraz Boghani is the co-founder of Sussex Healthcare Limited. Shiraz also works as the chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group. He has managed to win several awards all through his career. Among his major awards is the 2016 Asian Business Award that he won after he was selected as the Hotelier of the Year. The selection was made by some significant figures in the hospitality department, and it involved many contenders.

Shiraz Boghani has great passion and commitment in serving his people. He has also served as a volunteer for Ismaili Community where he served as a partner in the National Council as well as serving as a Resource Development Converter. He works as the joint chairman of Sussex Healthcare Limited. This firm is recognized for the provision of the high-quality nursing home for patients in the United Kingdom. They have highly trained medical professionals with vast experience in the medical industry. These professionals have encountered treated many diseases such as neurological disorders, Dementia, and patients with physical and learning disabilities. Sussex Healthcare collaborates with several other neighboring hospitals hence patients can be guaranteed of the best healthcare services. Shiraz professionalism in the hotel industry has enabled him to improve and develop Sussex Healthcare Limited.

This firm has grown and highly expanded under his leadership. The success has helped the company to acquire extra nursing homes. This company owns 18 houses that can accommodate approximately 500 patients. With Shiraz Boghani’s support, Sussex Healthcare can consistently grow and become a bigger part of the nursing home industry. His success has earned him a great name in the hospitality industry, and he is highly honored for his incredible leadership skills and his vast experience.

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