Talos Energy Begins The Zama Discovery Appraisal Program

Talos Energy, one of America’s leading oil and gas companies, has announced that the National Hydrocarbons Commission, the Mexican government, and the Mexican Oil & Gas Regulator have all approved its appraisals plan for the giant Zama discovery. This marks the beginning of the Zama discovery appraisal program, which, according to Talos Energy and its partners, will consist of three new reservoir penetrations, including two wells (Zima 2 and Zima 3) and one sidetrack.

Zima 2 and Zima 3

Zima 2 will look to confirm the oil-water contact and help Talos Energy collect information that will help them understand the reservoir’s aquifer support. The second well, Zima 3, will be drilled south of Zima 1. Zima 3, according to a report released by Talos Energy, will help collect information to understand the reservoir geology better. It will also help determine quality in the southern part of the field and, most importantly, determine reservoir continuity. Talos Energy and partners expect to complete the appraisal program by mid-year 2019.

More About the Zama Oil Discovery

For the few who do not know, the Zama oil discovery is an oil resource field located in the Sureste Basin off the shore of Mexico. According to recent reports, the field is estimated to hold more than 2 billion barrels of oil, with an estimated peak output of 150,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day (BOE/D). The filed was discovered in 2017 and is the first discovery in Mexico by a by a foreign oil and gas company. How much interest does Talos Energy hold in the Zama oil discovery? Well, they hold 35% interest, and they are the current operator of the project. The Zama oil discovery will not only help the Talos Energy become more profitable but also boost the local Mexican economy.

About Talos Energy

Talos Energy is a leading oil and gas company that specializes in exploration and production of oil and gas properties in the Gulf of Mexico. It has its headquarters in Huston, Texas and was founded in 2012 by a renowned entrepreneur and leader, Timothy Duncan.

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