The Swiss Start-Up Factory is changing lives

Start-ups play a huge role in the development of any economy. Economies run best when the biggest and best ideas come to the forefront. Unfortunately, large companies are often unwilling to bring new ideas to the forefront because they can be risky. For the best ideas to succeed, start-ups must bring new ideas to the marketplace. Countries that want to truly grow must invest in their start-up culture. One country that has developed a large start-up incubator culture is Switzerland.


Switzerland has always played a huge role in the world economy for years. They are a major banking center and they regularly attract major businesses. Mike Baur has worked in Switzerland for years and he loves watching the Swiss economy grow. Mike knows that Switzerland’s economy needs quality start-ups to keep growing. Start-ups need great support, and Mike recently decided to take action and help start-ups throughout Switzerland grow.


Mike Baur recently started the Swiss Start-Up Factory. The Swiss Start-Up Factory is an incubator program located in Zurich, the heart of the Swiss economy. The Swiss Start-Up Factory is a totally unique incubator program. Businesses move into the factory and spend three months becoming the best business possible. They have access to great office space and the materials they need.

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The Swiss Start-Up Factory is a major undertaking, but Mike Baur believes it is necessary. He feels that the Swiss people have grown complacent and are not taking risks to grow the economy. He wants the incubator program to be a literal factory that is pumping out fresh and exciting start-ups at an astounding rate. The start-up factory has already turned out several successful start-ups and they are working with a new class. The three-month program allows the Start-Up Factory to produce successful start-ups quickly. Mike also knew that the strong business friendly foundation offered by Zurich would be ideal for mentoring young business leaders. Mike hopes that his work with Swiss Start-Up Factory will allow the Swiss economy to reach a new level of prestige within society.


Start-ups are crucial to economic growth and everyone must do their part to keep innovation going. Mike Baur is confident that his latest project is going to change the world for years to come.

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